A small haul

Hello and yes I know it’s a Tuesday and I usually don’t write a blog on Tuesday. I have a small collective haul from a number of days and a number of stores, as well of items I purchased online. I know that it may seems this blog has once again lost its way and yes it have because I have a lot of things going on and I need to address them . Not to get too personal, but I’m taking a pharmacy tech class and I’m falling a little behind, so if my blog seems to come once or twice a week for the time being its only because I need to put more time in my studies. With that being said, lets get to the haul.

Lets start with items I purchased from Five Below.com. I purchase the top item which is a wall grid to use to hang our keys and put other little quick items we need when walking out the door. This item is right over our entry table. The next item I purchase to put in my daughter’s bathroom. I wanted her to have a catch all place for her shower bombs and personal item so they are easy to reach. The last item a set of stackable storage boxes. This item I purchase to keep next to my sewing machine. I want to include more sewing in my crafting I need to have my accessories close to hand.

This only two of the four storage but this to give you an ideal how they are set up.

One day I was in the neighborhood and I decided to stop by Five Below to see what they had in the store. I came out with these two items. First is a four pocket over the door storage pockets. I was going to use it for small crafting supplies I need at hand but decided to use it in my closet instead for misc. items that live on my shelves. The next item I saw and thought it was cute for both my daughter and paw baby. The hat say it all.

These next items I purchased from Walmart. I need some rubber cement glue for a project, the bead garland is for another project. I saw a You Tuber said he always purchase wooded beads from Walmart because he uses the bead for different projects and during Christmas is saves him from having to purchase bead and paint to get the holiday colors he wants. The last thing is items that I used for my iPad project that I shared in an earlier blog.

These items also come from Walmart. I need some more fabric for a sewing project and the candle was on clearance and I like the scent . The folders was just an impulse clearance item and the paint was a color I needed for an upcoming holiday project. The color is crimson.

The last three items I have to share are items from Amazon (zipper) for a sewing project, Target(cloches) for future projects. These items are hard to find, Dollar tree usually have them, but they run out fast, so when I saw Target had them I had to get a couple and the last item from Dollar Tree are some wood shapes. A lot of You Tubers purchase these because they make good feet for items. That I will let you know if it true!!!!!.

So this brings me to the end of this haul. I hope you enjoy it and found something that you are interested in for your craft stash. I will leave you like always,

Keep crafting

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