Today I’m back with the rest of the haul items I got on my shopping trip on Sunday. Also I will share with you some items from a previous haul that I never shared. So let’s get it started.

The above items are from Michaels. I was there looking for some organizations items for all my scrapbook paper and my cricut vinyl. While there we notice that Michaels still had Christmas items which was on clearance for 70% off. How can we pass that up. So in the bottom left hand picture we got some decorative Christmas lights, some xmas bows and some gift tags, also (not shown in the picture) is some silver glitter garland, which I didn’t take picture of because glitter was getting every where and I just kept it in the bag and packed it with the Christmas d├ęcor. I also picked up some picture storage boxes which I will be using for my armoire reorganization and some christmas book storage boxes. I will show you what I did with these boxes in a future blog. I like the way they looked and I wanted to use them all year around. Michaels had their valentine items out on sale for 40% off so just picked up shredded paper which might be used for fillers in vases .Included in that pictures are some painted clothes pins.

The next item I will share is just stuff picked up from Walmart. You are probably wondering why the photo is in this style. The answer, some of the items was plumbing, hair , and tech stuff, as well as some candy. It was that exciting as the picture shows. I just wanted to share anyway.

The next items I will share with you where from a previous trip to Five Below and Target. I think I made this trip in the beginning of the new year.

First its Five Below. I just brought some items for my fur baby. Some waste bags, because we always pick up behind her. Just a side note , please always pick up behind your fur babies, it don’t only protect them, but it protect other fur babies from getting disease. The other item is some teeth rinse for her. The vet recommend it for dogs that don’t eat dry or hard treats. It helps with cleaning their teeth. I purchased some tech items, a magazine holder to put all the items I need for work neat and at my fingertips. The last items are some incense. Lately my neighbor have been smoking in the apartment and our walls are very thin. The incense helps with the smell.

The last item I have to share is from Target. I purchase some peel and stick tile to use as a backsplash in our kitchen. They are individuals squares and its contain six sticker on four sheet. When we start working on the kitchen I will share this with you. The last item is some heart shaped paper doilies, which can always be used for valentine day crafts.

Well that’s the end of my haul for now. I will if all goes well will be visiting another Dollar Tree and Michaels over the weekend. You know if I find anything I will be back to share. I’m working on some organization items which I will share with you hopefully in my next blog, so I will see you then.

So until next time,

Keep crafting