Better late than never

Hi, I just wanted to jump up here and say Hi. I’m trying my best to not miss a day, but I’m failing badly. I haven’t been able to complete any of my project because I need to go to Dollar Tree. I know you are saying “Didn’t you do a blog on all your crafting stash”? And my answer is yes I did, but I notice that among my stash I really don’t have seasonal stuff. Yes I do have some seasonal stuff, but I need more fall stems and colors. I want to finish my fall sign,but I need more fall color. I’m also planning to redo my balcony area for the fall and I’m working on that as well. I’m also getting ready for the holiday season which seem right around the corner. So not to beat myself up too much I won’t have a blog up every single day but I will try to have a blog up at least five times a week.

So with all that being said, I do have a small haul, these are items that came in the mail.I will share with you but it’s not too much craft related.

First item I will share is my new mini backpack of the Nightmare Before Christmas. Jack Skeleton is one of my favorite characters. My daughter purchase this bag as an early christmas gift but gave it to me to use on our Disney trip this weekend. As soon as the trip is over I’m packing it up for christmas.

The next two items are planner related. I’m a planner and I love to use items that will help me plan. I’m a pen to paper girl, so having a planner whether monthly, weekly as well as a note pad help me organized as well as keep me on track. I have to use anything possible to try to see what I need to do, as well as my progress.

This item will be part of my fall/holiday decor. My daughter and I spent almost a year trying to build a faux fire place and I saw a You Tube video where someone purchase this faux fireplace and place her christmas lights and stockings on it and it looked great.She even made faux logs with twinkle lights to make it look like a real fireplace. This item received good reviews on Amazon, so I say why not try. I will share the before and after pictures with you probably next week since fall is approaching quickly.

So this come to the end of my blog for today, I’m sorry it was late, but these items came in late and I wanted to share something with you today no matter how small it is. But now I will leave you like always,

Keep crafting

Redo: The desk area

As I previously mention, I wanted to redo my desk area where I can have both my desk top and laptop computers available to use without having to move one out of the way to use the other one. Well this has been a bigger job than I expected. I wanted to have my desk in a “L” style, but because of the size of the desk top and the inability to move the armoire, my plans where changed.I had to do a lot of thinking and rethinking about my room setup because this is also where I sleep. I think for now I’ve came up with a solution for this area and now I have to figure out how I can get a total storage system. So lets start with what the set up looked like.

This is what my previous set up looked like. I had everything crammed on one desk and it was hard to work . I also had my bookshelves stacked on each other so I had some where to keep paperwork that was needed at hand at as well as my books and printer.Let look it how it looks now.

If you notice in the previous picture the desk top had peel and stick black marble paper on it, which I removed, and since my new table top I purchased from Ikea was white, sprayed paint them matte ink blue.

It took a lot of coats to get the exact color I wanted but after two days this is how they turned out.

The first one didn’t come out as smooth as the second one because the first desk I got from a thrift store 3 years ago and I got it with the legs for $10. It had a lot of damage on the top which I try wood filler and alot of different solutions to fix but decide to go with the peel and stick paper. After I got the new one from Ikea, I figure I would do the best I could to have them match in the same color as much as possible. I decided to put the older one in the back. The way I have it set up now you really can’t see where the damage is on that table top.

I had to unstack the book shelves to make them a separate units. So I just put the small one next to my desk and the other one I’m still using as a bookshelf/night stand by my bed. In the corner where the bookshelves was I just put a small drawer unit to use as a table to hold some small items. The small drawer unit that was under the original desk is now under the second desk so now I have leg room under both desk and my supplies are still close by. I now have my printer next to the computer in the corner where we can use it and its not in the way. Also the way the desk area is set up you can sit at one desk and take notes on the other desk if you need it and never have to move items to work. Not shown in the after pictures is my cell phone and tablet holder I purchased from Ikea as well as other accessories that if needed are close at hand.

Well I hope you like my new set up. It took some adjustment and it is a work in progress, which as always I will share. So until next time,

Keep crafting

Small but mighty

Today is the day I will share a haul with you. It is a small haul, but I will probably have an another one later on in the week. Over the weekend I went to two stores and had two previous amazon orders I don’t think I shared with you so I just added it in this blog. The first item I will share is from Walmart.

What I have here on display are some floral picks, a leaf garland as well as some halloween mini lanterns. Now in all fairness I will tell you the picks as well as the lanterns was purchased by my daughter. She saw them and said I know you will figure out what to make with them. I purchase the garland for the failed wreath/sign I made. I figure it could use some fall colors.The next items was previously purchased from Amazon. These two items believe it or not will tie with the items I purchased from another store.

table legs

The two items are table legs and a foldable laptop stand. I mention early last week that I was thinking about redoing my desk area, and these two items are a start.You will see in the future how everything will connect.

desk area I shared in a previous blog.

The next items I got from Ikea. I just want to let you know this was my first trip ever to Ikea and I wrote a list of the items I was looking for, I ended up not only getting the items I’m about to share,but I ended up getting some snack items as well as kitchen items. SMH. So let me show you what I have.

This item was what you call an impulse item. I didn’t purchase it for any rhyme or reason, it was at the register and it was cute. I purchase one for me as well as on for my daughter.

The next items is this cell phone stand. Ikea name for this items are Bergenes.The item next to it is a lamp which is called lampan. You probably don’t care with Ikea actually call these items but I find it to be interesting.

phone stand
lamp putted together.

The next item is my tablet stand and square power plug. As I mention before all these things will tie in, wait for it, wait for it.

I purchased the tablet stand for my tablet , because sometimes I like to lay in my bed and watch netflix (don’t we all) or You tube. I’m just loving this square power cord. I brought it to see it I can use it at my crafting station. I have a power strip at my crafting station now and for some reason it isn’t working. So you know I was curious to see if this works. Just for you information the name of these two items are Koppla(powercord) and Isberget(tablet stand). Also these items can be used for my future project.

And now for the last item in this haul that will tie in everything, drum roll please.

This is the item that will tie everything together,hopefully. I purchased a tabletop or desktop. Ikea calls it Linnmon. It is the same as the desk I’m currently using. I plan on putting these two desk together in a “L” shape where I can have space for both of my computers and they won’t have to look like that are fighting for attention. I will share that project in the future, because I went to paint them the same color and just work on them in the space I’m planning for them.

So that’s my haul for today blog, hope you stick around to see how I tie all these items in together to make a nice and functional space.And until next time,

Keep Crafting.

Coffee time

It’s that day of the week again, coffee time. This is the time where I sit back with my cup of coffee or maybe a glass of wine(depending on what time of day it is) and reflect on my week as well as share what I hope will be coming this week. so take a minute get the drink of your choice and share some time with me.

Well this week was a real strange week for me. I was trying to get my groove back and I missed a day. I usually type my blog a day in advance and set a publishing time. One day this week I wrote the blog,but didn’t published it. I don’t know what happened that day but I went blog blank. I also took this week to start crafting again, and I shared how my project was a semi fail. I’m still working on it and will be shared in this week blog. I had shared some items I purchased this week and also tried to do some blog keeping, that housekeeping for my blog.

I also took a day to remember 9/11. It’s been twenty years since it has happened and we shouldn’t never forget this day because we lost so many people from the attacks as well as the aftermath. This was the day that as a nation we became stronger.

So this week I will have some hauls and if all goes well they will be good ones. I will have crafts project to share and if all goes well I think I will finally get my desk redo. Fingers crossed. There are so many things I want to share with you on this blog and I hope this is the week for all to see. I’m getting excited just by thinking about it.

Well I guess this it for today, but I want to leave you like I always leave you.

Keep crafting ,

Remembering 9/11

Today I wanted to do something different on my blog. I would like to take this day to remember all those people who lost their lives. This is the day terrorist took four US planes over and decide to use them as a weapon against us and scare us into submission.

This day twenty years ago, I lived in New York, on vacation from my job, watching tv when the news start talking about an attack on the World Trade Center. As I watched in disbelief, I saw smoke coming out of the first building that was hit hit. At first I thought it was just a bad fire, but later found out that a plane had crashed into the building. My second thought than was what happen to the plane to lose control like that. I later found out after the second building was hit, the Penagon as well as a plane that crashed in Pennsylvania, this was an attach on our country. After my inital shock, the first thing that came to my mind is how I need to go pick up my kids from school. I wanted to have them home. I knew that the school was aware at that point what was going on, and even through like the rest of us , they were in shock they knew how to handle the situation so the children wouldn’t be alarmed. I ended up getting them from school and spend the next few hours watching the news and trying to make sense of all of this.

Now twenty years later,we still remember that day and remember all the people whom lost their lives that day.We also remember that as a nation we pulled together, to show that we are not afraid and we will pick ourselves up and fight for our home. We also need to remember this especially now during this pandemic that this the time to pull together, be kind to one another. We need to remember that we fight better as one nation not individual people.

Please take today to remember what we have and pull together, and never forget!!!!

Just a quick haul and idea session

Well hello there, I’m glad to see you made it. I couldn’t and wouldn’t start the party without you. So welcome.Thank you to all for taking time out of your busy day to stop by and raead this blog. If you are a regular to this blog I want to give you a special thanks for returning. If you are a new subscriber or you just stop by thank you as well.

Today I’m sharing a small haul with you. This haul is small because it has something to do with a project I’m planning. I didn’t want to wait to do a haul blog to share with you because I don’t think I’ll have a regular haul this week. I was trying to get to Joanne yesterday, but it was raining bad here so I didn’t go. I might be going to Ikea on Saturday, so who knows.

One project I have been wanting to try is working with epoxy. I’ve been watching a lot of You Tube videos where people has used epoxy to make pens, jewelry,key chains as well as charms. I wanted to make pens , but I notice a lot of people just used regular ink joy pen, spray paint them and add epoxy on the pens. But doing some deeper research I found out you can buy pen molds as well as refills and make epoxy pens. So I purchased everything I need to try this project. Like all my project either successful or failure, I will share this with you, coming soon.

Well here to another short blog. I hope you will be as excited about this new project as I am. I also want to announce that my blog will be pubished at a later time starting with this blog. I sometime find that I am rushing to complete poject to have them published earlier in the day and I end up not publishing on at all or rushing to get one up before the end of the day. I want my blog to go up daily but I don’t want it to rushed so I will try to get a daily blog to you but it will be later. Now I ‘m going to bring this blog to an end but remember

Keep crafting

Better late than never!!!!!

Hi and welcome back to my blog. As always I want to thank all of my subscribers,both my new subscribers as well as those who has been with me from the beginning. I also want to thank those who just stumbled on to this blog and invite you to subscribe if you liked what you have read.

Today blog is late because as I mention earlier this week I was working on a project. This project is still a work in progress, but I just wanted to share this one thing with you. I sometimes have good ideas for craft but sometimes the execution of this ideas fall short. I just want to do a quick share on that even I have issues with projects.

This is two of the three signs I’m making for my door. Even through they aren’t fails as per say, I need to redo them.There isn’t anything wrong with them but I need to find another decorative element on the brown one. As for the blue one I realized after I glued on the “and” it was kind of crooked. I used a ruler to make sure the thankful and blessed was in a straight line but winged it with the “and. As for the brown one I need some kind of fall leaves as well as pumpkins to be added with the haybails . The blue one also need something else to it, which I need to either look through my fall stash or go to Dollar Tree and find something else as a decor element.

So I will bring this blog to an end. When these two items are fixed. I will share my step by step process and the final project. I will now leave this blog as I leave them always,

Keep crafting

A work in progress

Hi and welcome back to my blog. Thanks to all of my subscribers as well as new readers and subscribers to this blog. I always appreciate you giving me some of your time to read my blog. Also always remember comments are welcome and highly appreciated.

Well today I don’t have a blog for you because I’m doing a little housekeeping on my blog to bring you the best blog I can. Another reason is I’m working a craft project that I thought I would be able to share today but it was taking a little longer than I expect it to take. I will be finishing it up and I will share it tomorrow.

My plan for this blog is to be the best I can make and that my readers learn something or even teach me something. I want this blog be better than it was, better,stronger,faster,(just joking about the stronger and faster, was just thinking about the six million dollar man lol). Well I will leave you now and continue working on my project and finishing up with some blog keeping. I will leave this blog like I leave all my blogs.

Keep crafting

Another day another haul

Hi and welcome to my blog. I want to thank everyone who are here reading this blog and like always new and old subcribers,thank you so much for coming back. And as always I want you to know comment are always welcome to comment away.

Today blog is a small haul blog. On Sunday I went to Dollar Tree and Target. I didn’t get anything to share from Target, because I just went to pick up some food for my baby Pebs.

Orginally I went Dollar Tree to pick up some cleaning stuff, but you know you have to always go through the store before actually going to the area you need to be in.

So here is my small haul from Dollar Tree . Not too much was happening there but let my break what I did find.

This first item is transfer tape. Dollar Tree start carrying supplies for the cutting machines. My Dollar Tree never had anything in stock so I ended up going online to Dollar Tree .com to purchase these items. I ordered a box of 32 vinyls, but didn’t want 32 boxes of transfer tape. So if that being said I was still purchasing the Cricut brand. Today when I went to my Dollar Tree they have a few boxes of vinyls as well as a few boxes of transfer tape, so I picked up these 3 boxes.

The next items are two item are candle holders. These items I saw when a You Tuber did a haul and these were in that haul. I like these items because they are two pieces and the bottom is made of concrete. That two items you can use in a craft projects if you dont want to use them for the intended purpose.

The candle holders as two separate pieces

These letters I purchased for my halloween wreath. I have 3 doors to our apartment, so I have to make 3 wreaths,which is always different.Last year I made 3 different fall wreaths as well as three different christmas wreaths but this year I want to make halloween wreaths to go along with our halloween balcony decor.

These last two items are item from the stationary section. The rings I purchased because I was told that they are good items to use for crafting and it was a good item to have in your craft arsenal.The other is a note organizer. I using it to keep track of my blog, such as which pictures was uploaded as well as when I wrote the blog and when the blog was published. I find that its good to write my blog when I have the time to do it all at once and just schedule publishing time. I’m trying to figure out how I can incorporate all this as well as future You Tube scheduling into my Happy Planner, but now I decided to use this to keep track. I also purchased some acorn oraments which was in the first photo but I forgot to get and individual shot of them. I will also use them in my fall wreaths,once they are painted in the fall colors.

Next I have two items purchased that I never shared because I’ve had them and it was not enought to use for a blog.

The sign I thought was cute because it was printed on a mini chopping board. I put it on my kitchen wall. The other item is a mini sewing machine. I purchase this because I was planning a balcony redo and I have some screen curtains and since the area was so large when I purchase them I need two sets. So my plan was to sew the two set together and use the magnet part to keep it closed. I was planning to use the machine because the curtain is attached to the doorway and I have to sew them where they are located. The mini machine is hand held so it should be easy to use.I will update you on my progress with that.

The funny thing that happened…..

Welcome to my blog. Welcome to another fun filled week of fun in the sun, laughing , singing and just being together. Thank you to all subscriber,new and old.Thank you for starting as well as staying with me. Just thank you for sticking around,for what ever reason I truly appreciate you being here. I also want to remind you comments are always welcome.

So let me tell you a quick story before I start this blog. This blog was suppose to be published on Saturday. I took all the picture, made all the notes and sat down on the sofa to take a break and watch some videos and fell asleep. For some reason I was tired, I guess from worrying about getting this blog up, taking care of stuff around the apartment and just getting busy I forgot to publish it. And yes I could have published it yesterday but if you seen yesterday blog on Sundays I’m doing something a little different. So with that being said lets get on with the show,I mean blog.

In my on going quest on getting back to crafting, I decided to share one more storage area I have and how its organized. This was originally where I kept all my supplies before I build the craft station. Even through I still keep crafting items in it, I basically use it for crafts I’m planning so when I get ready to work on a project, all the items are one place.

This is a cubic unit I purchased from Five Below. It is good for storage, but nothing too heavy and bulky. At the time I purchased this, I just need somewhere to put extra stuff. For now it will be here, but in the future this item will probably be used for something else in another area.

This is the box I keep all my beads in. This box contains both wooden bead, jewelery beads, as well as misc pearls. These beads are in all different shapes,sizes and colors. There are even a bag of half beads.

The next box is some of my florals. I said some because these are the ones I’m using for my fall wreaths. I also have halloween florals for my halloween wreaths but they are in a different location because I’m not using them yet.

This box contains extra fall picks that will also be included on our fall wreath.

The next two boxes contains vases, decor, as well as items I use for florals. I kept them in these boxes because I know they will be near my floral and floral supplies when I need them. The funny thing is after I sorted them I decided to put them in one box, but I wanted to show you what was in each.

In the next to last box,I have all my camera supplies,cords as well as a portable photo printer. As you know three years ago I started a You tube channel , which was going to be all about planning. I decide to take this channel in a different direction so I need to have all my equipment accessible. The three items missing from the box is my camera, which is charging,my ring light and my tall tripod.

The last box just contains my glasses and sunglasses. I wear contact lens, so I have a collection of reading glasses, sunglasses and well as regular glasses. Nothing craft related, just need a place to store them so when Im running out the door I can pick up either sunglasses or readers and they are right in hands reach.

With this I have come to the end of my craft organization. Next I will start planning and sharing some craft project with you. I feel that these few blogs gave me the opportunity to see what I’m working with and to get some things started. I do have a nice power tool collection, so if you are interested, I can share that with you.

I will now end this blog as I aalways leave this blog,

Keep crafting