I’m back AGAIN!!!!!!

I guess at this point you are probably thinking, will she ever be back, should I unsubscribe from this blog, is it done. Well to put an end to all the thoughts and concerns, I’m back, so thank you if you decided to stick away and see if I would be returning and if you just happened to stumble on this blog and decide to stick around thank you too.

I don’t want to make excuses on why it took me so long to come back so I wont, I’m not going to bore you with the on going situation that is my life, I just want you to know I’m trying to be as consist as I possible can. It is so hard with everything that is happening in the world today,but as I said earlier I’m not going to bore you,because I know this situation is hard for everyone and its an adjustment we all are making.

I have so much going on in my crafting, life I don’t know where to start. I have been doing some haul at my favorite store but not much is happening in the stores of Florida. I been to so many Dollar Tree stores in the pass couple of months and I swear in some of them I saw tumble weeds rolling pass me. My friend gave me an armoire in which I’m trying to making it into a crafting station and storage nook. I’m having issues finding storage boxes that at this point I’m just using it to hide some supplies. I’m still in the process of making part of my bedroom my craft room because I do have he space. I just can’t find organization tools to make it happened.

I finally sat down and recorded two videos for my you tube channel but haven’t found the time to edit them. My work schedule is so out there all I’m able to do is work and sleep and do quick crafts.

Well I’m so sorry that this blog turned into a rant, I just wanted to let you know that I’m back and my next blog will be a haul share. I have so many things that was purchased over months,that wasn’t enough to put in separate blogs, so I will share soon.

So before this blog becomes anymore drawn out I want to remind you to



New year, New haul pt 1

Hi,welcome back to my blog. If you are returning, thank you for returning,and if you are just stopping please stick around to see where this blog will take you. Check out older blogs to see where it’s been. Become a subscriber.

Today I will start with some smaller item I purchased. These items where purchased over a period of time, sometimes toward the end of 2020,or the beginning of 2021. So let us begin.

I received The New Testament when I reached out to Bibles for America to take an online Bible study course.
These above items was purchased from Amazon. I picked up a true control weeding kit. Lately I’ve been doing more weeding projects and wanted to try this. I previous purchased the true control blade which I like. The other item is an engraving blade. I will share a project I have plan for this soon.
The next two item also came from Amazon. Lately I’ve been watching this you tuber name posh paper lady. She does paper crafting. On her favorites video these were her top two favorites. She uses the reptile glue because once it dries it give items an extra strong bond. The finger blade she said give her control when she’s cutting her paper items.
This is the next item I got is also a cricut item. It’s a foil kit. As I mentioned earlier I do a lot weeding project, so I wanted to foil some of my creations. More to come.
Another Amazon item is this heat tool. This item came with safety handling supplies. I wanted to use this for removing stickers and doing some embossing in the future.

The last items I will share with you in this blog is items I purchased from Walmart.

The first item is this electric stapler/nailer. A must have for every crafter .
Soldering iron. I need this for a project I will be working on, more later.
Just some acrylic and chalk paint for the my supply box.
A sanitizer for you cell phone and other small items. Just Because 😐
During Xmas I made clay figures for my Xmas wreath. I used the kind that requires baking , and I had a few issues with it, so I decided to try air dry clay for a project and see which one is better. The magnetic tape is just for the supply box.
During the summer these pen came out and the planner community went wild about them. They only came in the black body. I saw a you tuber with the pen in the new white body, so I went to Walmart and they had the new blue body. They write really great and they are a big hit within the planner community.

Well this is the end of haul pt 1. They are some many more purchases I’ve made from stores such as Five Below, Target, Dollar Tree(which needs a blog on its own),Micheals as well as Hobby Lobby. I will be sharing some of those in my next blog. So until we meet again,

Keep Crafting!!!

Where I’ve been

I want to thank all my subscribers who are still here after my long absence. I also want to thank anyone who just happened to stumble on to my blog, please consider subscribing, to see what I have planned.

I guess you are wondering where I’ve been? As everyone knows we are in the middle of a pandemic. It’s been a hard but I hope with this new year upon us, are future will be bright, and virus free. So now what’s been going on with me. There was good news and bad news. I had an accident at my job, I fell and hurt my knee and tore my rotary cuff. 3 months ago I had surgery on my shoulder, which now I’m in physical therapy. As for my knee I still have issues, but my shoulder is still weak. I did lose my job at Dollar Tree because I’m on light duty and Dollar Tree couldn’t accommodate my situation. The good news, my daughter and I moved to an new apartment. I really like it and like it even more without the roommate. Another good thing that has happened is I’m now taking an online course to become a pharmacy technician.

Now I’m back and I have so many plans for my bedroom , (once I can get strength in my arm again). I will bring you along for the ride. I have been purchasing thing so I will share a haul with you real soon. Also in our new apartment we have a balcony, in which I will be using for an outside crafting area as well as a place to sit and enjoy the sun. I can’t wait till I can share all of this with you.

I’m back and will be getting back to a regular blogging schedule,so until then,

Keep crafting

What’s going on

First of all before I start this blog, I want to thank all my subscribers who are still here waiting patiently for my return. I also want to thank any reader who just stumbled on to this blog. Please stick around become a subscriber and see what’s in store. Disclaimer I will probably blog few and far between blogs which I will explain later.

So where do I begin, so we all know that we are in the middle of a pandemic, states are reopening, schools are figuring out how children should be educated in this time of uncertainty . It’s just a crazy time, and in the middle of all this frustration and confusion I had an accident on my primary job,Walmart. So yes, I had an accident and it has become serious. Oh on top of all that, my daughter and I found a cheaper apartment and moved.(former poor excuse of a roommate decided she didn’t want a renew her lease,and was angry we didn’t beg her to. We wanted her out!!!) Anyway I digressed. Back to the story, I had my accident in which I slipped and fell on my knee and ended up hurting my arm trying to get up. Was told both wasn’t probably not too serious because X-rays couldn’t see anything.Nearly two months after the initial accident, I found out from an MRI I took almost one month after the accident that I tore a ligament in my knee and had a small fracture in my shoulder and was referred to an orthopedic for both.

Well in the process of all of this going on, the complex we had applied for an apartment had a vacancy and we could finally move. So here I am with my arm in a sling with no ability to help move,had to start the moving process. And during all of this if it wasn’t for my daughter, who took care of all the moving plans,as well as help take care of me and my issues, I don’t know what would have happened. Side note, I also recruit my friend and her husband. Moving day come and we finally moved, I’m on light duties at work, in pain,ugh. I finally to go the orthopedic for my shoulder to fine out my rotator cuff is torn and I need to have a surgery to fix it. So that where I am today waiting . I have so much planned for this blog, because our new apartment comes with a lanai,(small balcony with outside storage) We have plans for a little sitting area, we have larger bedrooms,living room, kitchen and dining area. My bedroom is large enough to have a crafting area as well as room for a sleeping area that don’t interfere with one another. I want to share with you our plans, which now will just be a tour because I’m trying to do as much as I can before the surgery.

I also have haul items that was purchased before the move and the accident I want to share,as well as craft items in the works. I will hopefully won’t be out to much longer because I love sharing,as well as crafting and shopping for supplies.

I will be back soon, but will leave you like I always do

Keep crafting.

Where do I begin!!!

Hi and welcome back to my blog. As you know we as a people have been adjusting to a new way of life. This new way of life is hard and for the most part scary. We are living in a time of unknown and uncertainty. I just want you to know that I wish nothing but health and safety for all my readers,their families and friends. As you know I’m consider an essential working and I’m still working at both of my jobs each and every day. Which leaves me little time to keep up my my crafting as well as this blog. I just want to you know I will be doing the best I can in this situation to keep up this blog,so please stick around.

I cannot remember the last time I shared anything with you but I found some picture of items I hauled. Some of these items are recent I have to admit, because in 4 days I start my vacation. My plans was to return to NYC to visit my plans were pushed back. So I decided to complete some projects, do reorganizing of my space and just do things I do not seem to have the time to do. So without further rambling let’s get to the haul. Oh by the way these items were purchased over a period of time,so they aren’t in any order. I’m also trying something new. I will just tell you where I brought the item from under the picture and if it’s for a craft project I will give more detail.

Wood boxes and trinket boxes
Dollar Tree

The boxes above I purchased with the plan to organize little bits and bobs on my desk. I since changed it to organize tea in my cabinet. A future craft I will share soon.

New sharpie S-Gel pens

I purchased these pen based on a review from a YouTuber. This turn out to be a pen that I also recommend.

A journal I originally plan to use for preplanning
Skinny happy planner classic

I’ve watched so many planner babes on YouTube talk about this planner and when I saw it at Joann on clearance I thought why not.

Bound happy planner classic
Me and my big ideas.com
Cricut easy press mini

This item was purchased because it was on clearance and I couldn’t leave it there.

Silhouette mint machine

This was purchased because my previous one was broken, I was told it couldn’t be repaired and Amazon had it was so much cheaper than when I brought it originally. I saved $120 on this one.

Computer monitor

My monitor on my lap top have a crack and I’ve been hooking it up to my tv to use it. So I decide to purchase a monitor which I can just use from my desk .

Foil Quill for cricut machine

Foil Quill standard freestyle pen.

Once again I found the foil quill for much cheaper than even Walmart sells it. As for the freestyle pen, I just wanted to try it and use it when I need planner decor and don’t feel like using the machine.

Devotional books

So I will bring this blog to an end. I realize I have more stuff they I will share in another blog so this one do not be any longer than it is.

I want to leave this blog like I always do, but first I want to say keep the faith we will get through this.

Keep crafting


A quick update

Hi, before I get started with this blog I want everyone one who read it or even just passing by,be safe. Please keep social distance. We can and will overcome this bump in the road, and be much stronger-as a community. Well back to my blog. I will make it short and sweet. I know that this a tough time for everyone, some might be on leave from their jobs and others like myself works in what is categorized essential. This is a blessing, as well as a curse. The blessing is Im still working. The curse is that not only do we have to be concern with our own safety,we have to deal with “paranoid “ customers. This is very stressful because we have to constantly assure customers that will have to be safe to make sure they are safe. With this new situation I don’t have the time or the energy to craft. I still have haul items that I will share in the near future, as well as my Easter decor.I just asking for your support during this crisis and see what’s I have planned.

So once again I Hope everyone is safe and healthy, and until next time

Keep crafting

Haul Time Y’all

Hi and welcome back to my blog. Today I’m back with a haul about Easter. I know,I know what about St Patty Day. Well I’m going to use decor from last year if I decide to decorate. This year I would like to concentrate on Easter. I’m concentrating on Easter because it’s in the spring and I can decorate for spring, add a few Easter elements and it will still be Spring.

The first decor items are these glitter eggs. They are medium size and have blue and green glitter
The next item as a purple egg, a little smaller than the previous eggs,but it have lights inside that changes color. Shown in red
The next two items are a jar with a bunny on top. I plan to fill the jar up with jelly beans .The jelly beans aren’t shown because they would be gone before I can get all my decor set up. Haha
The other item is another light up egg but this one is ceramic. It only have one color.
Both of these items are blue because at this point I picked up the only two that was left.

Well that’s my small Easter haul. I will be back on Thursday to share a non Easter haul.

Until me meet again

Keep crafting

An update

Hi and welcome back to my blog. I’m sitting here feeling disappointed in my self because I’ve been lacking when it comes to blogging. I have a lot going on right now and I guess this blog have been put on the back burner. I’m going to try to do better in the future. Can’t make any promises but will try. So what have I’ve been up too. As most of you know or not know, I moved here from New York almost two years ago. I haven’t been there since I moved, so I’m planning a small vacation to see everybody and send more of my stuff here. I also been working two jobs, Time has been very tight for me. I’m thinking about planning with an hourly set up, so I can schedule my time. I think if I can see my time spend hourly I can make better plans. I do have things to share. I do have another haul blog,and more to share in my journey to reorganize my personal living space. So I hope you stick around for that. So with that said I want to share something that isn’t blog related but I think it’s kinda cute.

For Christmas my daughter received hermit crabs. It was just one in the beginning, but he seemed lonely and it became 2. As of last week her crab family has grown to a crab household of 3.

This is their house. Currently they are sitting on my desk, because my daughter went to work and she keeps her room cold and she wants them to be in a room temperature area.
And here they are. The larger one is the first one. He’s in the green shell. His name is Sheldon. The second one she recited is the one in the brown shell. His name is Shelton,yea I know she wanted to play on the fact they have decorative shells. The newest addition is the one in the decorative beige shell. As of this blog he is nameless.
This is what they look like with the home decor. The football helmet is actually another shell. Hermit crabs periodically move or change shell when they are tired of their old shell so an extra shell needs to be available. They also bath their self so the sponge is there wet and available. The blue shells with the leaf decor is their eating area..

So that’s just a little share I have for you. Hope you found that as interesting as I did when they joined our household. So now I will leave you like always

Keep crafting.

A midnight quickie

Hi and welcome back to my blog. If you are new or just visiting,stick around I have lots to share with you. If you are my returning subscribers,hey what’s up. So back to my quickie. I have a haul for you. First let me say now is the time to visit your local Walmart. They are starting to make room for new items and you know what that means, It’s clearance time.All the items shown above is what I was able to get that are on clearance. Lets start with the decorative storage containers. Originally I wanted that teal color and the off white for my craft space makeover,but as you can see when I went to get it ,the only color that was left was the burgundy. Oh well it’s on clearance after all. The next items are my reusable cooper straws,(which I truly love, as well as an antenna. The other items I picked up was the water resistant pouch and some slippers. Just a small haul, nothing too exciting. I just wanted to share that Walmart is clearing everything.

Side note at the original time this blog was written these items was still in stock, so the clearance items are now subject to change.

So that’s my small haul I have to share. Sorry it was short. But I want to leave you like always.

Keep crafting

My space redo Part 2 The bathroom.

Hi and welcome back to my blog. Today is part 2 of a series Im calling my space redo. In part one I shared how I planned my project. I sat down with my big happy planner and planned each space I want to redo and my plans for that redo. The only thing that has changed since that blog is I decided to put a section in my classic happy planner for my project so everything is in one planner.The first area I decided to redo was my bathroom. My bathroom is finished,but in my original plans I wanted to put a space saver behind the toilet for extra storage. I since changed my mind a number of times about what type I would like so needless to say I didn’t get one yet. Here are the before pictures. Just to let you know,my biggest problem was stuff every where and the shower curtains.As you can tell everything was in just in my opinion thrown anywhere. You can tell from the pictures but the shower curtain color was rubbing on to my tub. The shoe bag behind the bathroom door was originally set up where all the hair items had its own space, make up item and so on and so on. I also have a clothing hamper which the before picture wasn’t clear. So lets look at the changes.The first and for most item that need to be changed was my shower curtains. Even through I loved the colors and the brightness of my plastic curtain, I love the darker more adults like colors of my fabric shower curtain. This curtain was part of a set which also came with curtain rings and the rug that is shown.

The next pictures shows how I cleaned off the the items on the toilet,just to make it look neater as well as the little storage draws next to the toilet. At this time I don’t have a storage solution for extra toilet paper storage so it just in the plastic basket by the toilet. I changed the face, hand towels and rug by the sink to keep up with the color scheme. Remember the clothing hamper organizer, I didn’t have before pictures of, well this is the neater version on it. The last thing I wanted to share are my pictures on the wall. Those two will be replace sometime in the future with a more bathroom theme, but now they are ok for that spot.

So as you see all I needed for this project was some new shower curtains and a little organization,and my redo is complete. Only thing left is what type of space saver will I choose,which I will share in the future. If you have any questions or comments please share below and as always

Keep crafting.