Craft Hauls according to me!

How many of us feel that way, most of the time I feel if I leave a craft item in the store they will sit there being lonely. So how many of you feel that way. Just call my name, I’ll be there in a hurry and that you can depend and never worry. No craft supply will be left behind. No seriously, most crafting supplies I purchase are items I need or items I will need in the future. Most of my craft supplies I purchase is in hope that I will create something with them or try something new. So now we have all the excuses put out there, lets get with the haul.

Michael’s craft store haul

So I want to start with my haul from Michael’s. It’s the small out of all the items I purchased. So I will start with the break down after the collective first picture. These items I purchased for my daughter hermit crab tank. She was mentioning the other day she wanted to decorate their tank for Halloween. These were the only two items that was left so I had to get them. The next item is some decorative acorns. I purchased them to use for my fall décor. If you seen my blog on my fall signs, I used some of them as an added element to the signs. As you know I want to start working with resin to make pens as well as items that can be used for planners, book marker, etc. I need some cups for measuring and mixing and I also picked up another UV dryer, because I also want to try using uv resin. I did purchased one last week but it was smaller. You know I couldn’t leave Michael’s without one planning item. In my defense all planners and supplies were 30% off. I just purchased what Happy Planner is calling sticker planning guides. The funny thing I didn’t know this was a thing. I’ve been using a digital copy of my Happy planner and planning my stickers and designs on my ipad. The other item is just a memo set that contained blank monthly pages, a todo pad and a memo pad.

The next items I will share I purchased from Dollar Tree. I purchase an assortment of items, so lets go .

Let’s begin with wood items. Dollar Tree now sell wood pieces for crafting. In the past we would purchase their wood signs and repurpose them. Now we can just go to the crafters square section and purchase wood pieces. Which is very good because I have so many paint stir sticks that had to be glued together to get the thickness you want, but now all I have to do is pick up the length and width of the wood I want and move on.

The next set of items I will be using for Halloween decor. The eyes I want to put on the tree outside by the my balcony and the witches , which are motion sensor will be placed either on my outside table or my indoor coffee table. the cloches are just used for decor. Just a side note this is what I made with one,

My beauty and the beast inspired creation

The next item is some stems and some scarecrow which I used for the fall signage.

The next two picture are just miscellaneous craft items and basic office supplies, the other thing I found which I was looking for is those gold wreath forms. They come three to a pack which I planned to use for my Christmas wreaths.

So that’s my haul for today, thanks for stopping by and sharing my purchases. I will leave this blog as always,

Keep Crafting

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