Craft Time

Remember the time when I told you I was working on a project and it was sort of a fail. Two of my projects didn’t come out the way I wanted them to, so I told you I had to work on them. Well I’m back and I think the came out kind of nice.So lets look at the two items.

These two items I consistered a fail because the brown on seems to be missing something and the blue one lettering was kind of crooked. As for the blue one all I could do was add something to it because I couldn’t make the letters straight without damaging it. The brown one lettering was ok, but the sign just seems so bare. So I took a trip to Dollar Tree, Walmart and Bulls Eye playgroung at Target and purchase items to add to my fall signage. Here how they turned out as well as the one that was right the first time.

This is the one that came out right the first time.

So this is how they turned out with a little embellishments. The blue on I decided to add some stems and a pumpkin on it. I think this draws the eye towards the add on instead of the fact the letters are crooked.The brown one I added scarecrows to it to go with the little bale of hay. Along with the scarecrows I added some acorns I found at Micheals craft store,(part of my haul blog for next week). Our apartment has three doors and needless to say the first one will be at the front door. The blue one as well as the brown one will be placed on our balcony doors.

I have one more item I want to share with you which isn’t really a craft project. I shared a purchase my daughter made last week and I was trying to figure how to incorporate with my fall decor. I figure out that it didn’t need any work at all, just some styling.

These two lanterns my daughter purchased from Walmart in the Halloween section. I like them for fall decor and with just a little styling it can be used for both.

What I did for these lanterns was add a battery operated votive candle and styled it next to a fake plant and it was good to go. I also styled it next to fall stems to show that it can be used for fall. When it’s time for Halloween I will use these lanterns and style them with Halloween stems.

See how the blend in with the fall stems. This is just a disclaimer, Those stems was just added in a vase to show how they would work together not how they will be actually styled.

Thank you for taking time out of your schedule to share my projects with me. I will leave this blog as I always to and thats to,

Keep crafting

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