The ending and the beginning

Hi and welcome back to my blog. To those whom is still with me thank you. Its been a hard seven month. My blog hasn’t been consistent. I’ve been completing some crafting projects, but some are still in the planning stage. I’m working extra hours at work so its really been hard. But I’m here to tell you that it will change. I planning sharing my bedroom/craft area remake. I planning to revamp my you tube channel as well as my Etsy shop. So please stick around the best is yet to come. So I know Christmas was last week but I want to share some of our home decor. The first item I want to share is our Christmas tree. Its a first for me but our tree is black.I never saw a black Xmas tree before and when Nikki and myself went Xmas tree shopping we couldn’t decide on what size we wanted the tree and how much we wanted to spend, but when we saw it ,the decision was made. We wanted to decorate the tree with blue and silver, but we waited to late and the tree was just silver. Next year we will be getting our blue decor. We did do other decor elements of the apartment so let see what we have.That the whole apartment was decorated in a blue and silver them with some pops of red. So I will be ending this blog with a great big HAPPY NEW YEAR. I hope to be back with stronger than ever. And as always

Keep crafting.

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