Coffee Time

Hi and welcome to another coffee time. As you know coffee time is when I usually sit down with a cup of coffee and reflect on my week and this blog. I also share my possible crafting plans for this week. So before I start and before you sit down to read, grab yourself a cup of coffee or what ever you drink of choice is and lets begin. I with my drink of choice this week.

I’m having a monster energy drink because sadly I have enough creamer for tomorrow morning coffee.

This week blog seemed to be all over the place. I shared two hauls as well as a craft project. I shared my tool box and my collection of power tools. One haul, the Shein haul was basically to compare it to Ali Express. Well I ran into an issue where as the items I wanted to purchase will not be here until after Thanksgiving. I will think about it. My other haul was from Michael’s and Dollar Tree. The good news is as we get closer to Thanksgiving and Christmas there will be more hauls to come.

So what to have plan this week. Well I’m so excited about this coming week because as you know Friday is October 1st. I’m planning all my Halloween crafts and decor and I want to start it so it will be on display the whole month. I have a lot of work on one big project and I hope I will be able to complete it no later than next Friday. It need to be up and running. Also my daughter wants to do a living room and bathroom refresh , so I planning on blogging about that and sharing the before and after pictures. This will be a good blog filled week,(if all goes well).

Now before I need this blog I would like to give a big thanks to all who took the time to read this blog and even gave me some likes. That means so much to me. You know who you are . So if you like what you see or want to share or ask questions on anything, please send me a comment. I sit down once a week and check this blog and I will be glad to hear from you. So I will end here and will end like I always and remind you to

Keep crafting

Shein: A haul Story

Today I wanted to share a haul from Shein. I watch you tubers always talking about the purchases they made from Shein. I decided to place an order from Shein because of the mixed reviews and I wanted to see for myself. Another reason is some people say Ali Express sells the same items, but they get what they pay for not a random item. I will show you what I purchase and sometime in the future I will place an order with Ali Express and compare which company is better.

The first two items I will share are these costumes I purchased for my fur baby. I order a doctor and a nurse costume. If you look at these outfits they are very nice, but what you don’t see is that even through they look the same size, they aren’t. The nurse outfit is a large and the doctor outfit is an extra large. On the website these items look much smaller than they actually were. We usually purchase Pebbles outfits in medium, but my understanding that to purchase clothing items you need to go a size up. I guess pet items are true to size and people aren’t. Both of these items fit the same on Pebbles even through on size is larger than the other one.

The next item I purchase are these clothing organizers. These item are suppose to make room in your closet when hanging up items. I purchase them to hang up my tee shirts. When I saw these items online they look like the hang vertically, but when you put them to they are horizontal. I did go back to the website and notice the way they hang in your closet depends on how you position the hanger hook. They came with no instructions ,and they wasn’t assembled.

The last items I purchased were stationary items. I was trying to get to a minimum to be able to use after pay. Before I go on I just want you to know that After pay is an app that allows you to make purchases from certain web site and with a small down payment, and you are allow to make payments every two weeks. Now back to my review. I can say that I’m happy with the large calendar and the notebook. The calendar have big enough squares where you can preplan you whole month. The notebook, is nice because even through the size is A5 it is a loose-leaf style notebook. The other two items are ok, but the sticky note calendar isn’t really made to write on. I wanted to use it to jolt down daily schedule, etc. but it isn’t enough room, and the other book is a today notebook and if you are a person that like to make list this isn’t for you. All in all my purchases are ok, but I can’t see myself placing an order from the again. I forget to mention that from the time I placed my order and receive my order it was a two week turnover, which isn’t bad if these items are coming from overseas.

I hope you like this review and find some of the information helpful. If you ever ordered from Shein or Ali Express, please leave me a comment below of which one you prefer. Until Next time

Keep Crafting

What’s in your tool box?

How many of you have your own tool box? What do you keep in this box, screw drivers, hammers, nails and a wrench or two. Well today I’m doing something different on this blog and that sharing my tool box with you. I know when I reorganized my armoire, I showed all types of tools I own, but today I want to show you my big girl tools. I will start with my tool box. My tool box is on wheel and have two compartments. I was a gift from my daughter because I mention I was tired of keeping my tools in a plastic storage box and had to move stuff off of it to use my tools. So we went to Walmart one day and this is what we found,

Its made by Hart, a tool company Walmart is using now along with their brand. What I like about it is that it is on wheels and I can take it where every I’m working on a project that require tools. The majority of the tool in this box is my power tools. I will share all my power tools but some I don’t keep in this box because I use them more often.

These tools are my most used tools. So from left to right, there is my electric stapler, my cordless screwdriver and drill as well as my mini table miter saw. So now that I’ve gotten those item out of the way lets see what’s in my tool box.

On the top of my tool box there are two compartments that holds misc items. I have all things from tacks, screws and shrink cords .

The tray inside the box has misc items as well as tape measure, screws and adapters for my cordless screwdriver. What isn’t shown here is some jewelry tools, work gloves and mask I use when I’m using my other tools.

So I was going to do an in-depth show and tell but this blog might be too long, so I will give you the condense version of the top box. So in the top half of this box I have two handheld staplers, one I just use with brad nails and the other I don’t use as much since I purchased the electric one. Under the staplers I have a rotary tool as well as accessories for it. I also have extra saw for my mini miter saw, some drill bits as well as jigsaw bits and a pipe cutter. Now I want to get to the meat of my box.

Ok let my introduce you to my power tool collection. Another thing before you say anything about them looking new let my explain. Just wipe them down a little after using them all except the sander, because that one was way to messy, as well as the mini circular saw, because I use my jigsaw more , I will explain later. So lets get back to the intro. The first tool is my orbit sander. This item was a gift because I got tired of sanding large items with sand paper. The second item is my mini circular saw. This item is my newer one and I haven’t used it yet because I need a saw and when I ordered it, it took a while to come and I went to Walmart and picked up the jigsaw. So that brings me to the jigsaw. I need a saw to cut down some wood for a sign and wanted the mini circular saw, which delivery took too long and Walmart had jigsaws and the rest is history. The next tool is my oscillating tool. This item is only used when I need to saw tight areas where a jigsaw or a circular saw can’t work. My last item is a corded drill. Story behind this drill is it belonged to my late stepfather and before I got the cordless one I used all the time. Now its just in my tool box just because!!!!

Two more things I like to share is in my box I keep some sand paper and all the instructions to my tools. I forgot to mention, my tool box came with this box that holds my screws, nails and staplers.

I hope you enjoy today blog what’s in my tool box and comment whether or not you have a tool box and what you keep in it. Until next time,

Keep crafting

Getting ready for Halloween

Even through today is just the second day of Fall, I’m working on my decor for Halloween. I like to have my decorations up for the whole month of October, and that’s just around the corner, I’m kind of late to the party. So today I’m sharing with you three wreath I made for the doors.

To make these wreaths I used some wreath forms I purchased from both Dollar Tree and Target.

Along with the wreath forms I used burlap ribbon, Halloween branches and stems and metal Halloween words, all from Dollar Tree.

To make the wreath I first wrapped the burlap ribbon around the wreath form. I next laid out where I wanted to place my words on the wreath. After that I place all the stems and branches to see how I wanted them laid out on the wreath. I knew that even through I wanted them the same but not as identical.

After finding exactly how I wanted to lay them out, I used my hot glue and I start gluing them to the wreath. This is how they turned out. They are two different sizes because I realized I missed placed the other wreath form I purchased from Target and had to use the smaller one from Dollar Tree.

This is my small craft project for today. And thank you for spending your time to read this blog. If you like this project or have any questions please leave a like or a comment and I will appreciate it . And now I will leave you as I always leave you and that to ,

Keep Crafting

Craft Hauls according to me!

How many of us feel that way, most of the time I feel if I leave a craft item in the store they will sit there being lonely. So how many of you feel that way. Just call my name, I’ll be there in a hurry and that you can depend and never worry. No craft supply will be left behind. No seriously, most crafting supplies I purchase are items I need or items I will need in the future. Most of my craft supplies I purchase is in hope that I will create something with them or try something new. So now we have all the excuses put out there, lets get with the haul.

Michael’s craft store haul

So I want to start with my haul from Michael’s. It’s the small out of all the items I purchased. So I will start with the break down after the collective first picture. These items I purchased for my daughter hermit crab tank. She was mentioning the other day she wanted to decorate their tank for Halloween. These were the only two items that was left so I had to get them. The next item is some decorative acorns. I purchased them to use for my fall décor. If you seen my blog on my fall signs, I used some of them as an added element to the signs. As you know I want to start working with resin to make pens as well as items that can be used for planners, book marker, etc. I need some cups for measuring and mixing and I also picked up another UV dryer, because I also want to try using uv resin. I did purchased one last week but it was smaller. You know I couldn’t leave Michael’s without one planning item. In my defense all planners and supplies were 30% off. I just purchased what Happy Planner is calling sticker planning guides. The funny thing I didn’t know this was a thing. I’ve been using a digital copy of my Happy planner and planning my stickers and designs on my ipad. The other item is just a memo set that contained blank monthly pages, a todo pad and a memo pad.

The next items I will share I purchased from Dollar Tree. I purchase an assortment of items, so lets go .

Let’s begin with wood items. Dollar Tree now sell wood pieces for crafting. In the past we would purchase their wood signs and repurpose them. Now we can just go to the crafters square section and purchase wood pieces. Which is very good because I have so many paint stir sticks that had to be glued together to get the thickness you want, but now all I have to do is pick up the length and width of the wood I want and move on.

The next set of items I will be using for Halloween decor. The eyes I want to put on the tree outside by the my balcony and the witches , which are motion sensor will be placed either on my outside table or my indoor coffee table. the cloches are just used for decor. Just a side note this is what I made with one,

My beauty and the beast inspired creation

The next item is some stems and some scarecrow which I used for the fall signage.

The next two picture are just miscellaneous craft items and basic office supplies, the other thing I found which I was looking for is those gold wreath forms. They come three to a pack which I planned to use for my Christmas wreaths.

So that’s my haul for today, thanks for stopping by and sharing my purchases. I will leave this blog as always,

Keep Crafting

Coffee Time

Hi and welcome to coffee time. Coffee time is when we just sit back and have casual talk, review this week blog, and tell you what you can expect from the blog in the future or maybe this week. I also want to take this time to thank you, my subscribers and visitors to my blog. Thank you for taking time out of you day and spending it reading this blog. If you are a visitor, please consider subscribing and see what I’ll be sharing. So lets just sit back with a coffee or your beverage of choice, and start the blog.

Well this week I shared with you a couple of hauls. I shared an Ikea haul as well as another haul of items which was purchased online. I shared my little office area, I guess you can call it that, where I set up two desks one for my laptop, which is used for editing and other things and my desk top, which my daughter uses for school, where this blog is written and anything cricut related. Among the items that were purchased, there was some planner items, as well as an early christmas gift from my daughter. This week I also shared with you my craft projects that I considered a fail. All it needed was a little embellishment and I think it looked nice. I also share a simple decor idea with small Halloween lanterns, which was purchased by my daughter, who picked it up and said” I’m sure you will figure out what to do with them, and guess what she was right.

I did missed two blogging days this week, because I hadn’t picked up the supplies I need to complete the project I share with you yesterday. I also decided that I will only blog five days because I need to plan my blogs. I want to share stuff that you may or may not find interesting and I just don’t want to ramble about nothing.

This week I will of course share a haul. On Saturday I went to Dollar Tree and Micheals Craft store and picked up some items. I was suppose to go on a trip to Disney this weekend, but it was postpone for a couple of days. So with that being said I went on a little shopping trip. This week I will also start working on fall decor for the apartment as well as my little work space. Fall is here and I’m almost ready for it, are you?

So I guess that it for this week coffee time, I hope you had a good week and I hope your upcoming week is even better, so I will leave you like always,

Keep Crafting.

Craft Time

Remember the time when I told you I was working on a project and it was sort of a fail. Two of my projects didn’t come out the way I wanted them to, so I told you I had to work on them. Well I’m back and I think the came out kind of nice.So lets look at the two items.

These two items I consistered a fail because the brown on seems to be missing something and the blue one lettering was kind of crooked. As for the blue one all I could do was add something to it because I couldn’t make the letters straight without damaging it. The brown one lettering was ok, but the sign just seems so bare. So I took a trip to Dollar Tree, Walmart and Bulls Eye playgroung at Target and purchase items to add to my fall signage. Here how they turned out as well as the one that was right the first time.

This is the one that came out right the first time.

So this is how they turned out with a little embellishments. The blue on I decided to add some stems and a pumpkin on it. I think this draws the eye towards the add on instead of the fact the letters are crooked.The brown one I added scarecrows to it to go with the little bale of hay. Along with the scarecrows I added some acorns I found at Micheals craft store,(part of my haul blog for next week). Our apartment has three doors and needless to say the first one will be at the front door. The blue one as well as the brown one will be placed on our balcony doors.

I have one more item I want to share with you which isn’t really a craft project. I shared a purchase my daughter made last week and I was trying to figure how to incorporate with my fall decor. I figure out that it didn’t need any work at all, just some styling.

These two lanterns my daughter purchased from Walmart in the Halloween section. I like them for fall decor and with just a little styling it can be used for both.

What I did for these lanterns was add a battery operated votive candle and styled it next to a fake plant and it was good to go. I also styled it next to fall stems to show that it can be used for fall. When it’s time for Halloween I will use these lanterns and style them with Halloween stems.

See how the blend in with the fall stems. This is just a disclaimer, Those stems was just added in a vase to show how they would work together not how they will be actually styled.

Thank you for taking time out of your schedule to share my projects with me. I will leave this blog as I always to and thats to,

Keep crafting

Better late than never

Hi, I just wanted to jump up here and say Hi. I’m trying my best to not miss a day, but I’m failing badly. I haven’t been able to complete any of my project because I need to go to Dollar Tree. I know you are saying “Didn’t you do a blog on all your crafting stash”? And my answer is yes I did, but I notice that among my stash I really don’t have seasonal stuff. Yes I do have some seasonal stuff, but I need more fall stems and colors. I want to finish my fall sign,but I need more fall color. I’m also planning to redo my balcony area for the fall and I’m working on that as well. I’m also getting ready for the holiday season which seem right around the corner. So not to beat myself up too much I won’t have a blog up every single day but I will try to have a blog up at least five times a week.

So with all that being said, I do have a small haul, these are items that came in the mail.I will share with you but it’s not too much craft related.

First item I will share is my new mini backpack of the Nightmare Before Christmas. Jack Skeleton is one of my favorite characters. My daughter purchase this bag as an early christmas gift but gave it to me to use on our Disney trip this weekend. As soon as the trip is over I’m packing it up for christmas.

The next two items are planner related. I’m a planner and I love to use items that will help me plan. I’m a pen to paper girl, so having a planner whether monthly, weekly as well as a note pad help me organized as well as keep me on track. I have to use anything possible to try to see what I need to do, as well as my progress.

This item will be part of my fall/holiday decor. My daughter and I spent almost a year trying to build a faux fire place and I saw a You Tube video where someone purchase this faux fireplace and place her christmas lights and stockings on it and it looked great.She even made faux logs with twinkle lights to make it look like a real fireplace. This item received good reviews on Amazon, so I say why not try. I will share the before and after pictures with you probably next week since fall is approaching quickly.

So this come to the end of my blog for today, I’m sorry it was late, but these items came in late and I wanted to share something with you today no matter how small it is. But now I will leave you like always,

Keep crafting

Redo: The desk area

As I previously mention, I wanted to redo my desk area where I can have both my desk top and laptop computers available to use without having to move one out of the way to use the other one. Well this has been a bigger job than I expected. I wanted to have my desk in a “L” style, but because of the size of the desk top and the inability to move the armoire, my plans where changed.I had to do a lot of thinking and rethinking about my room setup because this is also where I sleep. I think for now I’ve came up with a solution for this area and now I have to figure out how I can get a total storage system. So lets start with what the set up looked like.

This is what my previous set up looked like. I had everything crammed on one desk and it was hard to work . I also had my bookshelves stacked on each other so I had some where to keep paperwork that was needed at hand at as well as my books and printer.Let look it how it looks now.

If you notice in the previous picture the desk top had peel and stick black marble paper on it, which I removed, and since my new table top I purchased from Ikea was white, sprayed paint them matte ink blue.

It took a lot of coats to get the exact color I wanted but after two days this is how they turned out.

The first one didn’t come out as smooth as the second one because the first desk I got from a thrift store 3 years ago and I got it with the legs for $10. It had a lot of damage on the top which I try wood filler and alot of different solutions to fix but decide to go with the peel and stick paper. After I got the new one from Ikea, I figure I would do the best I could to have them match in the same color as much as possible. I decided to put the older one in the back. The way I have it set up now you really can’t see where the damage is on that table top.

I had to unstack the book shelves to make them a separate units. So I just put the small one next to my desk and the other one I’m still using as a bookshelf/night stand by my bed. In the corner where the bookshelves was I just put a small drawer unit to use as a table to hold some small items. The small drawer unit that was under the original desk is now under the second desk so now I have leg room under both desk and my supplies are still close by. I now have my printer next to the computer in the corner where we can use it and its not in the way. Also the way the desk area is set up you can sit at one desk and take notes on the other desk if you need it and never have to move items to work. Not shown in the after pictures is my cell phone and tablet holder I purchased from Ikea as well as other accessories that if needed are close at hand.

Well I hope you like my new set up. It took some adjustment and it is a work in progress, which as always I will share. So until next time,

Keep crafting

Small but mighty

Today is the day I will share a haul with you. It is a small haul, but I will probably have an another one later on in the week. Over the weekend I went to two stores and had two previous amazon orders I don’t think I shared with you so I just added it in this blog. The first item I will share is from Walmart.

What I have here on display are some floral picks, a leaf garland as well as some halloween mini lanterns. Now in all fairness I will tell you the picks as well as the lanterns was purchased by my daughter. She saw them and said I know you will figure out what to make with them. I purchase the garland for the failed wreath/sign I made. I figure it could use some fall colors.The next items was previously purchased from Amazon. These two items believe it or not will tie with the items I purchased from another store.

table legs

The two items are table legs and a foldable laptop stand. I mention early last week that I was thinking about redoing my desk area, and these two items are a start.You will see in the future how everything will connect.

desk area I shared in a previous blog.

The next items I got from Ikea. I just want to let you know this was my first trip ever to Ikea and I wrote a list of the items I was looking for, I ended up not only getting the items I’m about to share,but I ended up getting some snack items as well as kitchen items. SMH. So let me show you what I have.

This item was what you call an impulse item. I didn’t purchase it for any rhyme or reason, it was at the register and it was cute. I purchase one for me as well as on for my daughter.

The next items is this cell phone stand. Ikea name for this items are Bergenes.The item next to it is a lamp which is called lampan. You probably don’t care with Ikea actually call these items but I find it to be interesting.

phone stand
lamp putted together.

The next item is my tablet stand and square power plug. As I mention before all these things will tie in, wait for it, wait for it.

I purchased the tablet stand for my tablet , because sometimes I like to lay in my bed and watch netflix (don’t we all) or You tube. I’m just loving this square power cord. I brought it to see it I can use it at my crafting station. I have a power strip at my crafting station now and for some reason it isn’t working. So you know I was curious to see if this works. Just for you information the name of these two items are Koppla(powercord) and Isberget(tablet stand). Also these items can be used for my future project.

And now for the last item in this haul that will tie in everything, drum roll please.

This is the item that will tie everything together,hopefully. I purchased a tabletop or desktop. Ikea calls it Linnmon. It is the same as the desk I’m currently using. I plan on putting these two desk together in a “L” shape where I can have space for both of my computers and they won’t have to look like that are fighting for attention. I will share that project in the future, because I went to paint them the same color and just work on them in the space I’m planning for them.

So that’s my haul for today blog, hope you stick around to see how I tie all these items in together to make a nice and functional space.And until next time,

Keep Crafting.