Dollar Tree Haul

Today I’m sharing with you some items that I purchased from Dollar Tree last week. I did go to the Dollar Tree I usually go to so I will share with you today what I purchased.

The first thing is this item I purchased more than two weeks ago It is this desk calculator. Customers always want totals for items, in which I had been using my phone calculator and later was using my daughter school calculator. I just needed something simple and Dollar Tree had this one.

The next item I want to share was these storage boxes. I purchased the ones with the cover as well as the ones for under the bed storage. I purchase two of these because I need to see how they work.

You know I could not go to Dollar Tree to get at least one of my favorite snacks and that my pumpkin seeds and my daughter picked up these sour patch kids because they are in Blue Raspberry. I also try not to go to Dollar Tree and not pick up something for the anipeople.

The last few items I purchase were some household items such as fabric softener liquid and sheets, a dishpan I use to wash and/or rinse the dishes before putting them in the dishwasher, some pine sol and peppermint essential oils to use outside to keep our patio smelling fresh and its good for keep the geckos away.

The next item is an honorable mention from Amazon I purchased these Sharpie S gel pens. I love the way they write and the metal barrels now come in other colors beside gun metal grey and rose gold. This was an impulse purchase, I was on Amazon looking for something else and these popped up, I think Amazon was setting me up (LOL).

I hope you enjoyed this Dollar Tree haul, it was late but better late than never. I hope you come back to see what I’m buying, crafting and planning next time.

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