My Dollar Tree Haul

This week I will share with you my Dollar Tree purchases. This haul is a small haul because I went to the local Dollar Tree which isn’t my favorite because it’s a smaller Dollar Tree and sometimes they keep up with new items and sometimes they fall behind. I wanted to share with you what I purchase just the same. Later this week I’m expected some items I purchased from this company Temu. As soon as those items arrive I will share that with you as well. For now lets get with Dollar Tree.

Let’s start with the snacks. You know there are three snacks that are staple whenever I go to Dollar Tree, but they were out of stock. The one snack that I’m missing is the Haribo peach rings. They did have all the other snacks which was the tajin peach rings and the Haribo watermelon candies. I sometimes have a taste for David pumpkin seeds which I did purchase for that urge. I also notice that they had Blow pop inside out which caught my eye because it is reversed BlowPops, the gum is on the outside and inside is the candy.

Some stationary items I picked up were some wite out tape. I’ m always looking for the wite out tape but they always carry the liquid ,so you know when I saw it I had to get two of them. I also picked up some lead pencils because sometimes when I’m planning projects and taking measurement I hate having to cross and scratch mistake with a pen, so I just picked up a pack of pencils. The last items I picked up were some clips to go on the square shaped wire net.

Lastly I purchased some more of the large storage boxes. I purchased four in pink, which I used for the pantry and two of the teal color to add to the top of the armoire.

So that all I purchased at Dollar Tree this trip. I hope to be able to go to the larger one sooner than later, but until then please come back to see what I’m buying, crafting and planning next time.

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