Coffee Time

Hi and welcome back to my blog. I hope everyone is doing fine and keeping warm. As I understand up north its cold, but I can tell you the south isn’t doing all that well. We have been having some days where it’s warm and some days its cold. Welcome to coffee time. If anyone is new here, coffee time is my weekly blog review. I like to review the blog for the week just in case you missed a day.

This week I took time to get myself into a blogging groove again. I took sometime just to figure out things that have been going on. I also wanted to take some time away from the computer. I do work at home and Christmas was our busiest time and I when I did get off from work, I couldn’t do it hence the break.

I also shared my armoire refresh. I did reorganized my armoire, but after living with it for a while I decided to tweak it, so I added a shelf to make a charging area for camera batteries and other electronics that need to be charge but not out in the open. I’m happy with the shelf and now I have space for boxes that I can use if I need additional storage.

The last thing I shared this week was my crafting project. I made a sample of a feet Snuggies. I was trying to make something for my daughter to keep her feet warm at night. The item I made was just a sample to see if it would work and sometime in the future .

Well that’s all that I shared in my blog last week, and if you had a chance to read it thanks and if you didn’t I hope this have caught it up or even make you want to read it, and please come back to see what I’m buying, crafting and planning next time.

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