Small craft project

Today I will start with a little story. This is a story of a young lady who feet stay cold all the time. She said she couldn’t sleep with socks on. So I decided to break out my sewing machine to make some sort of feet Snuggies. The concept is to be able to have her feet covered without adding cover to her. Even though her feet is usually cold that don’t mean the rest of her body is.

I decided to go on Pinterest and look to see if there was something that will help her feet issue and believe it or not there are some ideas. I did look at those ideals and this is what I came up with.

This is just a trial because I wanted to see if it would work. I used some scrap fabric to make this item. I glad I did use the scrap material because there were some things that need to change. Problem #1 I want the item to be able to be tucked under the mattress and the foot area on top. I wanted to do this so when making up the bed the “foot bag” will remain on the top of the mattress. Problem #2 I used an old flannel pillow case to make the foot area and an old piece of upholstery fabric to make the base. I planning to one day in the future to go to Joann’s and purchase fabric for the final project.


While going through my fabric stash, I found an old iPad case I made. I used my Nightmare before Christmas fabric but I did sew it upside down and it was a big fail. So I decide to take this item and make a little storage case for my camera as well as my microphones for my camera. I would like to make this better as well in the future again so I will be able to add my extra camera lens as well.

So these are the two trial and error project I worked on and when I make the permanent items I will share that with you as well. If you see that there is something that I could have done better, please leave me a comment below and please come back to see what I’m buying, crafting and planning today.

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