My planner

Today I wanted to share with you my planner. As you know I always end my blog with come and see what I’m buying, crafting and planning next time. I wanted to be able to share my planner with you as well. Years ago when I originally started my You Tube channel it was a planning channel. I worked at Michaels and I was a manager that was in charge of classes. Every other month I would have a planner class in which planner babes would come and we would make items we can use in our planners as well as discuss different planners. I always used planner from high school and on, so I wasn’t a stranger to planners, but I was a stranger when it came to décor. Who would have thought that planner décor was so important. The purpose of a planner for me was to record when I had a test or papers due. Than when I went to college and worked part time I really need to have a planner because things were happening and I need to keep track. When I became a mom , than not only did I have to keep track of what was going on with me, but I need to keep track of doctor appointment and other milestones. So in to day society planner aren’t just a tool to keep track of important events but its an outlet to share an expression of creativity.

When I was in New York working for Michaels I had such a collections of different planners, and stickers, washi tape you name it, but I was planning to go back to NY to get my stuff but its now gone. I’m still a planner girl but I don’t have the resources as I did in NY so my planner isn’t as it was back in the days.

This is my current week spread in my personal pages. This is where I keep all the things that I need to do for the week including holidays, schedules etc. I keep a track of all the things that I need to remember for the week. The pages are colorful, but my sticker supply have to be replenished and for now this is the best I can do with my week spread. This is where I also track important thing that I need to go back to such as my blood pressure readings, what chores I need to do for the week ,any doctor appointment as well as any blog or video information.

This page is my spread for all my work information. I like to keep information concerning calls, coupon information I receive from customers, number of calls for the day, exceptions I need to report as well as the sale for that day. This information I always keep at my desk so I have a way to track what has happened at work for that day. I also do this because I do work at home and I need to have some kind of record just in case something comes up. Now both of these spread are in my happy planner. I just keep my personal spread in the front and work information at the end of that month.

Other planner I use is this monthly planner. This planner just have a monthly calendar and some pages with monthly goals, monthly task, monthly to do’s as well as monthly notes. I use this planner as a preplan planner. I can sit down at the end of the month preplan for the upcoming month. I use to plan bills, goals I like to set for myself for the month as well as notes or ideas I have. I make my plans in this book and once a week I check off anything that I completed and add to my daily planner.

The next planner I use is this social media planner. This planner said it was a social media planner, but in reality it’s a life style planner. Inside this planner not only do it have monthly or weekly pages, but it also contain the following pages (sorry I didn’t take pictures). In the beginning of this planner it have a pages for your success and goal planner, books to read, a page to list key words you would use, a page to list coupons and discounts being offered each month ,monthly subscription tracker, content planner, a weekly and monthly section as well as a note section. I did purchase this planner because I wanted to have a place to keep track of all my social media , but I will be using it to keep notes on everything that is happening, almost like a try of journal. I will keep notes on ideas I have for this blog, You Tube as well as other social media outlets and my podcast (coming back soon).

Well I hope you enjoyed this look into how I plan my days, weeks as well as months. Planning is an on going thing and we as planner people are always looking for a planner system that will cover all our planner needs. Sometimes it seems on going but there is a system out there that will check all the boxes. So if you are a planner babe don’t give up hope, because it you plan it it will come. until we meet again, what will you be buying, crafting and planning today.

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