The first step to my craft area reorganization

Today I’m sharing with you the first steps towards my goal of reorganization my craft area. I mentioned that my craft area is in my bed room, and my goal is to organize it so I can still find peace in my bedroom as well as an area to craft without having my crafting stuff all over. So without any further stalling lets get started.

The Armoire

The biggest issue in my room is my armoire. It is the an area that I put all my crafting stuff in, but since it have doors, I find that its the place where I always just throw stuff in. You know that area that always looks nice on the outside and when you open the doors and it looks like someone threw a bomb in there, close the doors and boom.

This is what my armoire looked like. I purchase photo boxes from Michaels a while ago thinking that this would be my way of organizing . It seems to work in the beginning, but as you notice this is what it looks like when it becomes a toss and go area.

This is what my armoire looked liked when I first try to organize it. It didn’t look to bad it just wasn’t cohesive. The storage boxes was brought at different times so I could never find the same the same colors. One Michaels I went didn’t have photo boxes at all so I decided to go with standard storage boxes. The top shelf I decided to use some plastic storage boxes from Dollar Tree. As for storage those boxes didn’t hold to much so it was ok for a temporary storage solution.

This is what it look like now. I went to Dollar Tree and picked up some large storage boxes. I used them on the bottom shelf because there was more space on the bottom . The top shelf I used storage boxes I picked up from Five below, which was for another project.

Here is the before and after picture of my armoire and I do like the way I have finally organize it. I didn’t talk to much about the top of the armoire because I only had three large boxes so I put them in the front to hide some of the stuff of the small boxes in the back. To see what the complete top in the future on Instagram.


While I was organizing the armoire I decided to make new label for my cubic unit. You may remember the make over of the unit in the summer.

Originally I purchase this unit and I had to buy it in white because it was more money to get it in black.

I did eventually painted the cubic unit in black.

I purchased some of the larger storage boxes from Dollar Tree and purchase the labels from Walmart. I also had items in the boxes that cause it to buckle. I did updated it by moving some the items in these boxes to the armoire and I redid the labels. So now introducing the reorganized cubic unit.

To reorganize this unit I did more some of the items into the armoire and visa versa. The boxes at the bottom contain resin and supplies which I wanted it to stay in the unit because I don’t want it to spill. I did redo the labels with some cricut vinyl which I think break up some of the black.

This is all the organization I have to share with you today. I hope you like what I have accomplish with this organization. Please leave my a comment if you have any question or concerns. Come back to see what I’m buying, crafting and planner.

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