First Dollar Tree haul of 2023

Today for the first time this year I have a Dollar Tree haul. I finally had the chance to go to Dollar Tree and of all days New Years Day. I purchase some health and beauty items and a few craft item.

I wanted to get the basic stuff out of the way so lets start with cleaning, household and health and beauty items. I also purchased a water “fountain” for Pebbles. At the time I thought it was a good idea because she drinks a lot of water during the day while I’m working. At first it worked very well and than the bottle no longer snaps in the base and when you try to use it the water just don’t pour our properly. I will in the future purchase her a good one from either Walmart or Target, but I don’t recommend the Dollar Tree version.

Dollar Tree is outdoing its self this year, last year they had the peg boards, this year they have the square sharped wire net. This net hangs on the wall and there are also accessories for it such as small and long baskets and trays. I purchase four of the wire nets as well as some baskets and a tray. I’m moving my work area to my bedroom and I think this would be good to have work related items organized on the wall were there is so much useable space.

For those wire nets I also purchase the wire net fixing hooks which attach the nets to the wall and the wire net connectors to attach the nets to each other. I also purchase these paper clips because they were displayed with the nets and they are cute.

The next items I purchase was these storage boxes. I purchased five of them because at the time I thought they were the small ones ,but they turned out to be the larger ones. I did use them to complete my armoire organization.

Speaking of smaller boxes, on Tuesday I ended up going to another Dollar Tree and I did picked up some of the small boxes as well as the little led lights.

Now getting back to my Sunday haul , I picked up some bead wreaths. I wanted to do a spring wreath for my doors, but if it don’t work out as plan I will have beads for other crafts. I finally found the wood faux stacking books. My Dollar Tree never seems to have them and now they are out for Valentines Day, but I will be using them for another crafts. Dollar Tree is also carrying eco friendly items and I picked up a pack of pens (I can’t remember the material it was made out) The last two items that are shown are items which is for my cricut. I did purchase two more cutting mats for the cricut joy. I purchase this item before and I works just as well as the one cricut sells for much more. They also have which is new is the weeder collector. This item is used to catch scraps when you are weeding .

Honorable mentions

This week as well I have items that I purchased that wasn’t from Dollar Tree that I purchased during the week that I just need to mention. I purchase these items from Walmart and Amazon

One item I purchased from Amazon was this wax heater. I liked it because of the Edison bulb that is used to heat wax melts. It also serves as a little lamp when not warming wax..

The last item was this I am successful planner. This planner is design to help with your social media planning as well as your daily life planning. I previously order another planner from Amazon but I didn’t get it as of yet. I did purchase this one because this year I will make sure I become and stay consistent with my social media such as you tube , this blog as well as my podcast. I need to be able to put them in my daily planner. I’m still planning to use my work life happy planner but I have yet figure out to use it to schedule everything in my daily life.

The last thing I want to share with you are these wood faux books I purchased from Walmart. They are almost like the ones I purchased from Dollar Tree, but these are constructed from better wood and they feel more heavier. They were on clearance and if I can get back there I will purchase some more. These items like the Dollar Tree version will not be use for the holiday intended, but for crafting décor.

So that all of the items I purchased for my first haul of 2023. I hope you will continue to stick around this blog to see what I’m buying, crafting and planning for this new year.

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