Haul time

A while ago I did some shopping and picked up a few things from Dollar Tree, Target, Five Below and Ross. I think these things were purchased just before I got sick and as I check previous blogs, I don’t think I shared my haul with you. It was such a small haul because I did go looking for specific things not really to resupply crafting items.

Five below

I went to Five Below because I needed charging cords for my iPhone. I also wanted to pick up a wireless charger for my daughter’s phone because it wouldn’t charge the regular way. As you know at Five Below you can go to look for certain things and end up with unplanned items.

I did find these cords that was just too pretty to pass up. I’m using these cords for my iPhone and my iPad when I’m at work. The stylus I also purchase for work because I use a led board for work and I need this because I was using my Apple pencil on it.

The next items I picked up was the wireless charging station for my daughter’s phone and I case for her air pods. The case came with the charm which I thought might be too much for her so I put it on my air pod case.

The last two items which was unplanned items was waste bags as well as the wooden incense box. Whenever I go to five below I always pick up a pack of waste bags because where I live they want you to clean up after your fur baby and I want to make sure I never run out of bags. The incense box is something I’m always looking for. I started burning incense because even through this is a smoke free apartment complex, there is always that one person that have to break the rule. I find that burning incense help with keeping our apartment from smelling of cigarette smoke.


The next store I went to was Ross. The item I purchase was also an item that was needed but wasn’t a plan purchase. It was an item need for the car which I had plans to purchase from somewhere else but I found it cheaper at Ross.

I purchase this item because the stand for the car GPS broke and we needed something to keep it on the dash. I was planning to purchase this from another store but found it for much cheaper and the suction seal is better than the original stand that came with the GPS.


I went to Target to look for food for my fur baby, Pebbles

My little fur baby

Of course they didn’t have it so I ended up just picking up some paint for a project I’m planning.

Dollar Tree

The items I picked up from Dollar Tree. Whenever I’m near a Dollar Tree I like to take a look to see what they have to offer.

The first picture was just some household stuff I needed as well as a little snack. The next item I picked up because I’ve seen some You Tubers use that item for craft projects. It’s jus a wood frame with a tin board which I plan to use for work for small post it notes and items I want to see at at glance. the last item is a scratch board. My other daughter have a kitten so instead of her scratching the walls and the rug I pick this up for her.

Well this is the end of my small haul for this week. I hope to be able to share my Christmas haul and décor with you soon in a future blog. But until than, what are you making, buying and planning today?

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