It got me!!!!!

The last time I wrote this blog, I said that I will be back and I will have a new blog published three days a week. I mention that I wanted to make a schedule of Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I wanted to make a serious plan to get everything back on track. I started my new schedule on my job, and was able to get at least three blogs out and maybe one on Sunday. Than it happened!!

The unwelcome guest

Two weeks ago my daughter started mentioning that she had a sore throat. I gave her cough drops and throat spray, not thinking anything of it. She too had just started a new job and she was training. The next couple of days I notice that along with the sore throat she had develop a slight cough. I decided to give her some cough syrup. As a mom you know something about treating a cold. To get to the point I told her to be on the safe side just take a test. We all know what test we are talking about don’t we? She finally took the test and guess what she was positive for Covid. She had always been careful wearing her mask, making sure she clean her hands etc. and yet it got her.

Mom being a mom and stupid

At this point like any mom I went into nurse mode and made it my business to make sure she was rested and make sure she had water, meds and etc. Not thinking that I was exposing my self to it, I just went into mom mode. So this is where the stupidity comes in. Knowing what I known at the time I didn’t wear a mask when ever I entered her room. I did make sure everything was sanitized, but I didn’t considered myself being exposed. I even took the test the same day she took it and I was negative. Well the next day I woke up with a really bad headache, not thinking anything of it as well. I did notice the night before I had a little cough but I figure I was just feeling sympathy pains. So the next day I started my job, not thinking much of having a headache. I did had a customer that I will tell you just made my head hurt more, but it was a really stressful customer. By the time I was ready to take lunch my cough seem to get a little worse and my head was pounding. My daughter told me that I should test myself again. This time I was positive. So now we both have it but a did develop a fever and my daughter ended up taking care of me.

So here we are today.

Well two weeks after the first sign of the unwelcome guest entered our home, I happy to say we are getting back on track. I still have a cough, which I was told might be with me for a while. Taste and smell which we both loss is slowly and I mean slowly coming back. I never retest again, but I happy to say my daughter is negative and we are both back to work. I know at this point you are saying ok what is the point of this blog. The point is I was gone for a minute and I’m back.

So I will leave you with this question, what where you crafting, buying and planning while I was gone? Comments are welcome !!!!

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