Guess what more changes!!!

I guess at this point you are probably wondering what has happened to me once again. I thought I was on a roll with having at least 3 blogs uploaded a week. I finally figured out a schedule that would work with my blog, work, You Tube as well as my podcast and than all of a sudden a monkey wrench was tossed my way and there went everything.


As everyone knows sometimes life gets in the way. You make plans and something happens and your plans just go out the window. I remember listening to a service one Sunday and the pastor said we can make all the plans that we like but God has a bigger plan and it trumps any plans you make. Well I guess that is true, because I had some personal issues come up and I really didn’t have a chance to think about or even sit down and write a blog. I really didn’t have a chance to even go to my favorite store “Dollar Tree”. One thing that did happened is that I now have earlier hours at work, so I hope with this change, I will be able to have more time to blog and make videos.

What to expect, once again:

My previous hours was 2-10:30 pm and now they are 9-5:30 PM. I know some of you are probably saying well your first hours was good, but for me when I was working those hours I used the time before work to do things I had to do like house stuff. I always got up earlier so I could do as much as I can and still have some time to have breakfast and lunch and just mentally prepare for work .With my new schedule I can get up and do the basic and start work. Trust me my job is customer service and I deal with much more customers issues at night than I do during the day. With my new job schedule I hope to be able start writing my blog post more constantly. I will be able to sit down after dinner and write a blog. As much as I wish I could sit down on a daily basis and write a blog, I will make it a point to have a blog posted on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I also will try to have one additional post on Sunday for just for catching up and hauls. As for my You Tube channel, I want to video up once a week, which when I figure that out I will share it with you. My podcast season one has ending and now I planning what direction I want to take it because I want it to be a place to go with the blog as well as my You Tube channel. I’m still working on a lot of details and when I get it all together I will share it here with you first.

So this is a brief update of what’s going on with me and my blog. I know I’m asking a lot but if you have been here with me for a while you know me and I will be back, I hope you continue to stick around. So what are you making, buying and planning today, leave me a comment and share your thoughts until we meet again.

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