I’m Back!!!!!

From the title you can tell that I’m back ok I’m back not full time but part time. So much has happened since my last blog that it just seems there is never enough time in the day anymore. So lets me begin by letting you know that even through things are late I still have craft items and even haul items to share with you. But let me start by telling you where I’ve been.

As you know I was working on my blog more because I had lost my job and I had time to shop for crafting and home décor supplies. While doing all of this I was actively looking for a job. I was trying to find a job before my unemployment ran out but I live in a state where they only give you five months of unemployment and no chance of an extension. So with that being said I had to put some pep in my step, some fire on my butt and fine a job sooner than later. That’s where my blog had to suffer. I also fell behind in my studies for pharmacy tech and I have less than four months to complete that program. In the process of trying to complete this course, I found a job. I had to find a work at home job, because my arm is weaker from my accident which made it very hard to work in retail and because of lack of public transportation I couldn’t go to far. As for the new job, all I can say its a product support job, which means I work 8 hour shifts on the computer taking phone calls. By the time I finish working the last thing I want to do is sit at another computer.

I don’t want you to think I’m abandoning my blog, no I wouldn’t do that ,but I will have to take one day a week and write a few blogs and set up a publishing schedule. I can do this, because I’m always trying to complete one craft project either before I start work or when I get off from work. I do take pictures of the my projects , but don’t have the time to sit edit pictures and write. So if you see décor or haul items that looks a little behind “season” its only because I just getting around to share.

Well I think I caught you up on what been going on in my crafting world, I want you to know that I missed doing this. I especially miss typing on this computer, my work computer is a professional computer and it isn’t the same. I know that probably don’t make any sense, but sitting at a computer all day to work isn’t the same as working a computer for pleasure.

So what have you all been up to. Christmas is two week away and I’m excited because my aunt is coming from New York to visit, and even through I will be working , I’m going to make this a good Christmas. Now I think I’m all caught up and will bring this blog to an end. I will leave you like always,

Keep crafting

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