The witching hour…

Happy Halloween to all my witches and warlocks, ghost and ghouls, superheroes and villain’s alike. On Sundays I usually have coffee time. This is the time where I give you a quick refresher course of the week. My week is slow and I don’t want to bring you a boring blog so I haven’t been here much. I haven’t been to Dollar Tree that much because the Dollar Trees I usually go to haven’t have much going on. I’m hoping that I will be able to go to one sometime this week . I do have a small haul that I will share but that’s for tomorrow. So how has everyone Halloween been. I know there aren’t too many children out because of the pandemic. Let’s pray this virus gets under control and the kids will be out next year.

Even through I had this big plan for my Halloween decor, (which fell through), I did so some small decor in my home I want to share with you. So without further delay here it is.

Here’s looking at you. When you come to my front door the eyes are watching you. The wreath I think I share with you when I made it sometime in September. I made three in all but I didn’t take pictures of the other two on the doors.

The next two pictures are of the living room coffee table and my dining room table. For the coffee table I just made it simple with some spell books and candles. On the spell book is a small bottle of Skull Vodka, and lets not forget the scary little critter on the sofa my paw baby Pebbles( photo bomb). The dining table have the display I made with scary stems which was another craft I shared in an earlier blog. My friend made everyone a ghost to pin on their clothes last year. The ghost are crochet with lollipops as the heads. I saved mine and my daughters and decided to use it.

The next two pictures is a little decor I placed on my counter and my water cooler. Disclaimer, please excuse the items around , I didn’t have time to edit the pictures.On the counter I have two light up spell bottles I got from Target and well as some small bottles that contains home made potions. The light up bottles have stems I purchased from Dollar Tree. The item on the cooler is a mercury pumpkin I picked up from Five Below. I just added some lights to it and Let it Glow.

Ok Ok I know you are saying I thought this was suppose to be Halloween décor, well it is. I have this cardboard fireplace and didn’t want to move it or change the way it look because Christmas would be here sooner than we think and it will be up all year around, so I decided to put some Halloween décor. On this I having some candle, Halloween lanterns as well as a motion sensor witches. There is a tray with shot bottles but that too is another story for another time. It is part of the Christmas décor.

That’s it for the Halloween décor. I know it wasn’t a lot and not the fanfare that I was planning, but Christmas will be décor and crafted filled and I can’t wait to be able to share all that with you. I now leaving you how I leave you in each blog and that’s

Keep crafting