Learning new things

I’m back with yet another sewing blog. My mother gave me her sewing machine when I moved and I ‘ve yet master the art of sewing with the machine. When I first moved here I would make things like pillows and pet beds, but I decided to try my hand at other things. So previously, I’ve tried my hand at making a pouch for my iPad.

It came out ok, but I wanted it to look more neater and putted together. When I complete this pouch I notice that the straps wasn’t even and it was ok for the purpose I needed it for, but I wanted to make another one. With that being said I went to You Tube and Pinterest and start researching iPad pouches. There were so many options , but I found one that was easy to do and it helped my do something I wanted to learn to do and that was to install a zipper. I found this You Tube channel named Online Fabric Store and not only did they show you step by step on how to make this case but it also gave a link to the pattern.

So as shown is the pattern I used for my pouch. Before I go on I wanted to let you know that this item can be found on their YouTube channel but you have to look for envelope clutch (iPad/Tablet Case).

I now have my pattern in which I had to print on my inkjet printer and than put together to make the pattern pieces. I wanted to tell you that the total pattern prints on 12 pieces of paper which with the easy guides and instruction is really easy to assemble. The next step after I taped my pattern together I had to figure out my fabric. The color I choose was a taupe ,black and paisley print fabric. I proceeded to cut out the piece and put it all together. I had a lot of issues because first my interfacing wouldn’t stick to my fabric for some reason and so I decided to use spray and fabric glue to hold it together. BIG MISTAKE. I installed the zipper but it was part of the back pocket which I used the red paisley fabric and you can tell I didn’t adjusted it properly. Long short, the pouch was completed but in my opinion look worse than the first one I did.

So back to the drawing board I go. This time I took my time cut out the pattern correctly and made sure the zipper was a little neater.

I used some old fabric I had in my stash and I decided to make the outside and inside with the same fabric, the pouch I used this grey (closer to the colors of the actual outer and inner fabric as well as another type of interfacing.

This is how that one turned out. It is much neater and more uniformed. The only thing is I didn’t add any snaps to it which the pattern called for magnetic snaps and all I had was plastic snaps which I did use in the first pouch. This one I will be adding Velcro strips to it instead.

Here are both pouches side by side. The first one came out ok, besides the fact it has the stains from all the glue, but I like the second one because I took my time .

You can also look at the back zipper area is neater and more putted together than the first one. I think sometime in the future I will make another one with a different fabrics.

I hope you enjoyed this blog and before I go I want to welcome my new subscribers to my blog. Stick around and see what I do next. I will leave you now like always,

Keep Crafting.