What happened, where I’ve been

Welcome back to my blog. I know you probably wondered what happened to me since it has been a week when my last blog was published, well I ‘m back and I have some explaining to do. I will start at the beginning. It started when I was working on my Halloween decor. I told you I was was working on a mannequin for the balcony. I purchase every thing I need to complete this task and it FAILED…. Let me show you in pictures.

The above pictures show how I made the,stuff and put the head on the body. I later sat her at the table in the dining area to put the finishing touches on her and she refuse to sit up. I stuff the body with a lot of stuffing so she would be very tight and would be able to hold the head. As a matter of fact I practically dragged her in the living room for the final touches. I placed her in the chair she would be sitting in so it would be easy to roll her in and out and she refused to sit up.After fooling around with the body trying to get it to sit up, the head fell off. I thought I had attached it tightly to the body,but it didn’t work. I thought that maybe the head was too heavy because of the wig and I decided to add a dowel to the neck part to put the weight on the dowel not so much on the body, but that didn’t work either. So now I felt defeated. I didn’t know what to do but to try to start all over again. With that being said my Halloween mannequin will now be my Christmas mannequin. That give me two months to figure out the body. I hope you stick around for this. This mannequin will not be a tradition Christmas mannequin (fingers crossed ), so you have to stay tune to see what I will be doing.

As for my regular Halloween decor I haven’t had a chance to work on it so much because she have been taking up a lot of my time. I haven’t been shopping, so I don’t have any haul blogs, and since a lot of my outdoor decor was based around the mannequin I have to think about a redo. I will have pictures of what I did do in the next blog.

I will start blogging regularly again. I want to redo my ipad case, I want to do some more sewing projects and you know the holiday season is starting, so I will have more holiday blogs coming your way. Let my take a few extra minutes to thank all my new subscribers to my blog. I hope you stick around and see what I have in store. Some exciting news I’m finally starting to work on video for my You Tube channel. As a matter of fact I’m recording a video now while I’m typing this blog. Stay tune for the date I upload that video. So I will leave you as I always leave you ,

Keep Crafting