Branching out: Lets sew something

Today I want to share with you a project that wasn’t planned. I might have mention that I’m taking a pharmacy Tech course online and sometimes I like to take my iPad to the library and get some studying on. The library isn’t far from where I live and I just like to place my iPad, wallet and keys as well as my essentials to study in a small case and just go. What I have been doing is pack my backpack with the items I need and just go, but it is too much bag for just the library. I decided to make me a ipad pouch where I can put just the items I need without feeling I have to over pack .

Before I show you the finished project I just want to let you know I didn’t take picture of the fabric, interfacing I used as I cut it out because I wasn’t planning to share this, but since it don’t look bad I decided to share.

This picture is what the inside of the bag looked like. I choose this fabric because it was something I purchased as a clearance item and didn’t see what I could use it for. It was a yard of fabric for one dollar, so I figure I would use it for something. This picture is after the interfacing and the front fabric was sewn together.

This is the front fabric I used for my iPad pouch Originally I was only going to add one strap to the bag, put a front flap and carry it like that. After the entire item was sewn together I decided I wanted to add another strap, so it was add on the inside of the back of the bag. what else I did was added plastic snaps to keep it closed.

After sleeping on the bag, I realized what I had was a padded tote bag and that kind of defeated the purpose of the bag. So I remeasured my iPad with the case and decided to make adjustments to the the bag. You can see where I used some fabric chalk drew a line where I need to be shorted and took it to the sewing machine and sewn across the blue line.

This is what the final project looked like. I shorted the bottom and made just the right size to add all of my essentials. Here is a picture of the pouch with my Ipad in it .

I also will show you what the bag looked like before I decided to shorten it.

The bag didn’t come out too bad, it was just too big for what I wanted it for. I like the way it turned out considering the following, it wasn’t something I planned, because with planning I would have made a pattern with the exact measurements that was need. I would have also made the lines cleaner. What I mean is there are some areas at the top of the bag that just look sloppy and slapped together. Another thing I would have done would have change the orientation of the straps. I would had placed the straps on the side of the bag instead of the top, or I would have added a flap for the bag and just put an handle on the side like and over size wristlet. For something that was a thought I threw together it’s not bag at all and the best thing of all this is my first pouch.

Well thank you for staying around to see this project and please stick around to see what else to come. Halloween décor is come soon so please return. If you just stumbled on to my blog please subscribe and give it a like if you think I did a good job for a beginner. I will leave you as I always,

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