I’m just a haul, yes just a little haul

Today I have some items that I purchased over the last two weeks, give or take. I’m trying a new format with my pictures, it’s an app that I download on my iPad and decided to try it .Please let me know in the comments if it’s yay or nay.

The items shown above are a mix of items. It’s a mix of Christmas, yes Christmas items. I will start with the two middle pictures, which are not Christmas items. These items with are vase fillers. I purchased the acorn at first and when I went to another Dollar Tree I found the pumpkins. I think they are so cute and I will find a way to use them instead of vase fillers. The first two pictures and the fifth picture which are the silver ornaments, string lights and Christmas stems. The poinsettias are for an arrangement for my faux fireplace. Dollar Tree is starting to put out Christmas décor and stems so I figure I better get them before they are gone. The little box of ornaments which is the sixth picture came from Walmart. All these items are going to be used as décor, but you need to stick around to see how they will be used.

The next set of pictures are just some other stuff I picked up from another Dollar Tree. I went one day to my local Dollar Tree and than another day I went to a bigger Dollar Tree. The picture above is what my faux fireplace look like. I ordered it from Amazon about three weeks ago and I still need to finish it.

Sorry I digressed, the item I want to share with you was the first pack of vase fillers I purchased as well as the Halloween cup for my mannequin(coming soon) The next pictures are items my daughter need for her Christmas décor. She want to do the Christmas décor. Like everything I will share her Christmas décor as well.

This is where I will end this blog today. I have more stuff that I will share with you in the near future, so stay around and see what I share next. I will leave you like always,

Keep Crafting