Coffee Time

Hi and welcome back to my blog. It seems like I’ve been gone forever which in the blogging world it can be. Before I start this blog, I want to let the reason for my absence was because I wasn’t feeling well, and because of this my coffee time this week will be a little different.

Halloween Décor

Let me start with the main decoration I wanted to tackle, my mannequin. This item has been giving me so many problems, mainly with the body. Originally I wanted to use the body suit as my body form. That worked until it was time to put in the stuffing. It turned out lumpy and just wasn’t coming out as planned. I did come up with a solution and that was use canvas to make body parts, stuff the canvas and than add it to the body suit. This worked great but afterwards I thought it would be better just use the canvas to make a body instead. Well I ran out of canvas and wasn’t able to go to the store to pick up another piece. With that being said, I will have to some how complete this project this week.

With that project being pushed back a week, I decided to just start on my other outside décor. Now this bring me to another issue, the visitation of wasp/hornets. Yes this area is developing a wasp/hornet problem. I’ve been going out on the balcony sweep and just doing some general cleaning and I get company. I have to called someone to try to take care of the problem, which they didn’t seem to think it is a problem. I had to take thing into may own hands, do research and try to solve the problem myself. As of today I haven’t seen a wasp/hornet in almost 5 days. I hope this will continue and I can continue my balcony décor. As for the apartment décor, it’s almost finished just have to add some finishing touches.


As I mention earlier, I wasn’t feel well and it isn’t because I was sick as per say, but last year I had surgery on my shoulder and lately I’ve been having pain. I’m trying not to over work it so I decided to give my shoulder a little break. My shoulder is only 75% of what it was before my accident and surgery but it’s my dominate arm so what can I say. Use it or lose it, so I’m going to use it as much as I can.

What to expect this week

This week I plan on finishing all my Halloween décor. I will be able to go on my balcony and decorate it the way I planned. I also will be recording a video for my You tube channel. I don’t know when it will be uploaded because I will have to play with my editing program. I will be doing some sewing project because my sewing machine was starting to feel neglected, as well as my cricut machine. I hope to have more to share this week.

In conclusion

This week will be a craft filled week, if all goes well and of course I will share it all with you. I hope you stick around and see what I’m sharing this week. I will now take my leave and start planning planning planning and as always,

Keep crafting and make it spooky