Big Halloween Décor Pt 1

Yes that describe the status of this blog. Due to previous obligations, I did not have the time to write this blog, or complete my craft project earlier. I decided to share this project with you in parts, and than share the complete project in a big reveal. So with that being said lets get on to part one.

Last week I shared these two items with you. My plan is to make a mannequin and have it displayed all dressed up sitting on the balcony having a drink. This project turned out to be a little harder than I planned. In the beginning planning stage, I was going to make a dress form and just add a head with different wigs, but the more I planned the more I realized I had the following problems: 1. Depending where and what type of dress form you are looking for, it could get expensive.2. Making a dress form using someone body as a mold is time consuming. 3. I need my mannequin to be sitting on the balcony having a cocktail not standing and having a cocktail. So I came up with a plan to make a body and just stuff it and dress it and have it sit on the balcony. My next problem was how I was going to make a mannequin with a ragdoll type body with the ability to sit. After realizing I was running out of time I decided to purchase a jumpsuit and stuff it. This is where this craft begins.

The first thing I did was placed the suit on my bed and start pinning it. I pinned the legs and arms as well as pinned the head in position . I wanted to make sure every thing would hold and be ready for stuffing. After the pinning and positioning was done I proceeded to sewing the pinned area. (Sorry I don’t have pictures of the sewing process, it all was done by hand, my sewing machine wasn’t cooperating.) After sewing it I started stuffing.

This is what I’ve did so far, I have to get more stuffing as well as get the stuffing settle so it would be evenly stuffed. This is where this project ends. I still need to finish the stuffing as well as add some details to it. I will also share how I prep the head with hair and makeup. When this all is complete I will share with you what she looks like sitting on the balcony, as well as the décor. This is where I will end part one of this project. Please return to see how the I will be completing this project and the final reveal. If you have any suggestion or comments please leave them below and like always,

Keep Crafting and make it spooky