Coffee Time

Hi and welcome back to coffee time. If you are new here and you are wondering what coffee time is, it’s the day where I review the week in this blog as well as to tell you what I’m planning for the up coming week. Now why call it coffee time, well this is where you grab a cup of coffee or your drink of choice and sit back and read this blog.

This week I shared two hauls with you. I shared my regular haul and a bonus haul. The bonus haul I shared contained Halloween items. I needed to start my Halloween crafting and how can I share my Halloween crafting without showing you the items that were purchased. Twice this week I shared some craft projects, one which just a item for desk supplies and the other was an Halloween/fall décor. All the décor will be styled in a future blogs.

So what is coming up this week. Well this week is Halloween crafting and décor week. This week I have craft projects I’m going to finish and I will share how I put all these projects together. Also this is the week, I get to share the crafting project that I’m most excited about . So please come back and see what Halloween surprises I have for you.

Well this is the end of coffee time for this week, I hope you will return next week because maybe there will be some tricks or treats, just kidding !!! Also please like and share my blog and feel free to leave a comment if you like to leave any suggestions, to say hi or just share your crafting projects with me . So now I will leave you like always

Keep crafting and make it spooky!