Halloween craft: Second craft share

I’m back again with another Halloween craft I want to share. Last week I shared with you the Halloween wreaths I made and here they are to refresh your memory.

Today I’m back with a floral arrangement. It isn’t really a Halloween arrangement, but I did used one of the pumpkins I shared in yesterday haul blog. What I did with this pumpkin was to paint it a color I’ve seen a lot of people use this fall.

I painted this pumpkin Bermuda Blue, a chalk paint by Waverly inspirations. This paint I purchased from Walmart. I painted it this color because I notice that Dollar Tree now have pumpkins stems which comes in cream and blue.

just a sample of the Dollar Tree pumpkin stems

I also made my fall sign I shared the color blue. I like this color and think its a welcome change from the regular fall colors. I did use fall stems in the pumpkin as well as the color pumpkins shown above. This is how my arrangement turned out.

So here is the final project. Its a beautiful pumpkin with and arrangement of different fall stems. As you may notice I also included the blue and off white pumpkins that I got from Dollar Tree. I just love the way it turned out and I hope you like it too. Well that’s one craft I made with the Dollar Tree pumpkin, stay tune to see what I do next. I will now leave you as I always leave you, but one more catch,

Keep Crafting and Stay Spooky