Halloween haul

As you know I like to save my hauls for Monday, but today I wanted to share this with you because it’s part of my décor for Halloween. I start working on my Halloween décor and I want to share with you but I can’t because it’s items I hauled earlier this week. I will share with you the items I purchase.

The first thing I want to start with is my wig head. This item is one of my main Halloween décor. I picked this up from Amazon. I also have wigs for this head which will be part of the décor. The next item I purchase goes along with the head is this item,

I purchase this item to go with the head to use as a body. Because the cost of a full mannequin was too expensive. And my plan is to have her sit on the balcony during the day. I plan on stuffing this bodysuit and placing the head on it. I will share the process with you as soon as I work on it. This item I got from Walmart Halloween section.

The next item I’m going to share is this mercury glass pumpkin head. I purchase this item from Five Below. This will just be part of my décor no diy needed, but I will be adding some lights to have that glow.

These next items I purchased from Dollar Tree. The pumpkins, and the wire lights and well as the make-up will be something that will be in cooperated in the Halloween/fall décor. The only that is shown which isn’t for Halloween is the flash light with the poop bag holder for my little fur baby night time exclusions.

The last thing I forgot to include with the bodysuit I purchase from Walmart is this red cream make-up. I will be using this on the head, more to come. So this is the conclusion of my Halloween haul. I can’t wait to share with you my Halloween décor coming soon on this blog. Until the next time,

Keep Crafting and make it spooky.