What happened, where I’ve been

Welcome back to my blog. I know you probably wondered what happened to me since it has been a week when my last blog was published, well I ‘m back and I have some explaining to do. I will start at the beginning. It started when I was working on my Halloween decor. I told you I was was working on a mannequin for the balcony. I purchase every thing I need to complete this task and it FAILED…. Let me show you in pictures.

The above pictures show how I made the,stuff and put the head on the body. I later sat her at the table in the dining area to put the finishing touches on her and she refuse to sit up. I stuff the body with a lot of stuffing so she would be very tight and would be able to hold the head. As a matter of fact I practically dragged her in the living room for the final touches. I placed her in the chair she would be sitting in so it would be easy to roll her in and out and she refused to sit up.After fooling around with the body trying to get it to sit up, the head fell off. I thought I had attached it tightly to the body,but it didn’t work. I thought that maybe the head was too heavy because of the wig and I decided to add a dowel to the neck part to put the weight on the dowel not so much on the body, but that didn’t work either. So now I felt defeated. I didn’t know what to do but to try to start all over again. With that being said my Halloween mannequin will now be my Christmas mannequin. That give me two months to figure out the body. I hope you stick around for this. This mannequin will not be a tradition Christmas mannequin (fingers crossed ), so you have to stay tune to see what I will be doing.

As for my regular Halloween decor I haven’t had a chance to work on it so much because she have been taking up a lot of my time. I haven’t been shopping, so I don’t have any haul blogs, and since a lot of my outdoor decor was based around the mannequin I have to think about a redo. I will have pictures of what I did do in the next blog.

I will start blogging regularly again. I want to redo my ipad case, I want to do some more sewing projects and you know the holiday season is starting, so I will have more holiday blogs coming your way. Let my take a few extra minutes to thank all my new subscribers to my blog. I hope you stick around and see what I have in store. Some exciting news I’m finally starting to work on video for my You Tube channel. As a matter of fact I’m recording a video now while I’m typing this blog. Stay tune for the date I upload that video. So I will leave you as I always leave you ,

Keep Crafting

Branching out: Lets sew something

Today I want to share with you a project that wasn’t planned. I might have mention that I’m taking a pharmacy Tech course online and sometimes I like to take my iPad to the library and get some studying on. The library isn’t far from where I live and I just like to place my iPad, wallet and keys as well as my essentials to study in a small case and just go. What I have been doing is pack my backpack with the items I need and just go, but it is too much bag for just the library. I decided to make me a ipad pouch where I can put just the items I need without feeling I have to over pack .

Before I show you the finished project I just want to let you know I didn’t take picture of the fabric, interfacing I used as I cut it out because I wasn’t planning to share this, but since it don’t look bad I decided to share.

This picture is what the inside of the bag looked like. I choose this fabric because it was something I purchased as a clearance item and didn’t see what I could use it for. It was a yard of fabric for one dollar, so I figure I would use it for something. This picture is after the interfacing and the front fabric was sewn together.

This is the front fabric I used for my iPad pouch Originally I was only going to add one strap to the bag, put a front flap and carry it like that. After the entire item was sewn together I decided I wanted to add another strap, so it was add on the inside of the back of the bag. what else I did was added plastic snaps to keep it closed.

After sleeping on the bag, I realized what I had was a padded tote bag and that kind of defeated the purpose of the bag. So I remeasured my iPad with the case and decided to make adjustments to the the bag. You can see where I used some fabric chalk drew a line where I need to be shorted and took it to the sewing machine and sewn across the blue line.

This is what the final project looked like. I shorted the bottom and made just the right size to add all of my essentials. Here is a picture of the pouch with my Ipad in it .

I also will show you what the bag looked like before I decided to shorten it.

The bag didn’t come out too bad, it was just too big for what I wanted it for. I like the way it turned out considering the following, it wasn’t something I planned, because with planning I would have made a pattern with the exact measurements that was need. I would have also made the lines cleaner. What I mean is there are some areas at the top of the bag that just look sloppy and slapped together. Another thing I would have done would have change the orientation of the straps. I would had placed the straps on the side of the bag instead of the top, or I would have added a flap for the bag and just put an handle on the side like and over size wristlet. For something that was a thought I threw together it’s not bag at all and the best thing of all this is my first pouch.

Well thank you for staying around to see this project and please stick around to see what else to come. Halloween décor is come soon so please return. If you just stumbled on to my blog please subscribe and give it a like if you think I did a good job for a beginner. I will leave you as I always,

Keep Crafting

I’m just a haul, yes just a little haul

Today I have some items that I purchased over the last two weeks, give or take. I’m trying a new format with my pictures, it’s an app that I download on my iPad and decided to try it .Please let me know in the comments if it’s yay or nay.

The items shown above are a mix of items. It’s a mix of Christmas, yes Christmas items. I will start with the two middle pictures, which are not Christmas items. These items with are vase fillers. I purchased the acorn at first and when I went to another Dollar Tree I found the pumpkins. I think they are so cute and I will find a way to use them instead of vase fillers. The first two pictures and the fifth picture which are the silver ornaments, string lights and Christmas stems. The poinsettias are for an arrangement for my faux fireplace. Dollar Tree is starting to put out Christmas décor and stems so I figure I better get them before they are gone. The little box of ornaments which is the sixth picture came from Walmart. All these items are going to be used as décor, but you need to stick around to see how they will be used.

The next set of pictures are just some other stuff I picked up from another Dollar Tree. I went one day to my local Dollar Tree and than another day I went to a bigger Dollar Tree. The picture above is what my faux fireplace look like. I ordered it from Amazon about three weeks ago and I still need to finish it.

Sorry I digressed, the item I want to share with you was the first pack of vase fillers I purchased as well as the Halloween cup for my mannequin(coming soon) The next pictures are items my daughter need for her Christmas décor. She want to do the Christmas décor. Like everything I will share her Christmas décor as well.

This is where I will end this blog today. I have more stuff that I will share with you in the near future, so stay around and see what I share next. I will leave you like always,

Keep Crafting

Coffee Time

Hi and welcome back to my blog. It seems like I’ve been gone forever which in the blogging world it can be. Before I start this blog, I want to let the reason for my absence was because I wasn’t feeling well, and because of this my coffee time this week will be a little different.

Halloween Décor

Let me start with the main decoration I wanted to tackle, my mannequin. This item has been giving me so many problems, mainly with the body. Originally I wanted to use the body suit as my body form. That worked until it was time to put in the stuffing. It turned out lumpy and just wasn’t coming out as planned. I did come up with a solution and that was use canvas to make body parts, stuff the canvas and than add it to the body suit. This worked great but afterwards I thought it would be better just use the canvas to make a body instead. Well I ran out of canvas and wasn’t able to go to the store to pick up another piece. With that being said, I will have to some how complete this project this week.

With that project being pushed back a week, I decided to just start on my other outside décor. Now this bring me to another issue, the visitation of wasp/hornets. Yes this area is developing a wasp/hornet problem. I’ve been going out on the balcony sweep and just doing some general cleaning and I get company. I have to called someone to try to take care of the problem, which they didn’t seem to think it is a problem. I had to take thing into may own hands, do research and try to solve the problem myself. As of today I haven’t seen a wasp/hornet in almost 5 days. I hope this will continue and I can continue my balcony décor. As for the apartment décor, it’s almost finished just have to add some finishing touches.


As I mention earlier, I wasn’t feel well and it isn’t because I was sick as per say, but last year I had surgery on my shoulder and lately I’ve been having pain. I’m trying not to over work it so I decided to give my shoulder a little break. My shoulder is only 75% of what it was before my accident and surgery but it’s my dominate arm so what can I say. Use it or lose it, so I’m going to use it as much as I can.

What to expect this week

This week I plan on finishing all my Halloween décor. I will be able to go on my balcony and decorate it the way I planned. I also will be recording a video for my You tube channel. I don’t know when it will be uploaded because I will have to play with my editing program. I will be doing some sewing project because my sewing machine was starting to feel neglected, as well as my cricut machine. I hope to have more to share this week.

In conclusion

This week will be a craft filled week, if all goes well and of course I will share it all with you. I hope you stick around and see what I’m sharing this week. I will now take my leave and start planning planning planning and as always,

Keep crafting and make it spooky

Big Halloween Décor Pt 1

Yes that describe the status of this blog. Due to previous obligations, I did not have the time to write this blog, or complete my craft project earlier. I decided to share this project with you in parts, and than share the complete project in a big reveal. So with that being said lets get on to part one.

Last week I shared these two items with you. My plan is to make a mannequin and have it displayed all dressed up sitting on the balcony having a drink. This project turned out to be a little harder than I planned. In the beginning planning stage, I was going to make a dress form and just add a head with different wigs, but the more I planned the more I realized I had the following problems: 1. Depending where and what type of dress form you are looking for, it could get expensive.2. Making a dress form using someone body as a mold is time consuming. 3. I need my mannequin to be sitting on the balcony having a cocktail not standing and having a cocktail. So I came up with a plan to make a body and just stuff it and dress it and have it sit on the balcony. My next problem was how I was going to make a mannequin with a ragdoll type body with the ability to sit. After realizing I was running out of time I decided to purchase a jumpsuit and stuff it. This is where this craft begins.

The first thing I did was placed the suit on my bed and start pinning it. I pinned the legs and arms as well as pinned the head in position . I wanted to make sure every thing would hold and be ready for stuffing. After the pinning and positioning was done I proceeded to sewing the pinned area. (Sorry I don’t have pictures of the sewing process, it all was done by hand, my sewing machine wasn’t cooperating.) After sewing it I started stuffing.

This is what I’ve did so far, I have to get more stuffing as well as get the stuffing settle so it would be evenly stuffed. This is where this project ends. I still need to finish the stuffing as well as add some details to it. I will also share how I prep the head with hair and makeup. When this all is complete I will share with you what she looks like sitting on the balcony, as well as the décor. This is where I will end part one of this project. Please return to see how the I will be completing this project and the final reveal. If you have any suggestion or comments please leave them below and like always,

Keep Crafting and make it spooky

Coffee Time

Hi and welcome back to coffee time. If you are new here and you are wondering what coffee time is, it’s the day where I review the week in this blog as well as to tell you what I’m planning for the up coming week. Now why call it coffee time, well this is where you grab a cup of coffee or your drink of choice and sit back and read this blog.

This week I shared two hauls with you. I shared my regular haul and a bonus haul. The bonus haul I shared contained Halloween items. I needed to start my Halloween crafting and how can I share my Halloween crafting without showing you the items that were purchased. Twice this week I shared some craft projects, one which just a item for desk supplies and the other was an Halloween/fall décor. All the décor will be styled in a future blogs.

So what is coming up this week. Well this week is Halloween crafting and décor week. This week I have craft projects I’m going to finish and I will share how I put all these projects together. Also this is the week, I get to share the crafting project that I’m most excited about . So please come back and see what Halloween surprises I have for you.

Well this is the end of coffee time for this week, I hope you will return next week because maybe there will be some tricks or treats, just kidding !!! Also please like and share my blog and feel free to leave a comment if you like to leave any suggestions, to say hi or just share your crafting projects with me . So now I will leave you like always

Keep crafting and make it spooky!

Halloween craft: Second craft share

I’m back again with another Halloween craft I want to share. Last week I shared with you the Halloween wreaths I made and here they are to refresh your memory.

Today I’m back with a floral arrangement. It isn’t really a Halloween arrangement, but I did used one of the pumpkins I shared in yesterday haul blog. What I did with this pumpkin was to paint it a color I’ve seen a lot of people use this fall.

I painted this pumpkin Bermuda Blue, a chalk paint by Waverly inspirations. This paint I purchased from Walmart. I painted it this color because I notice that Dollar Tree now have pumpkins stems which comes in cream and blue.

just a sample of the Dollar Tree pumpkin stems

I also made my fall sign I shared the color blue. I like this color and think its a welcome change from the regular fall colors. I did use fall stems in the pumpkin as well as the color pumpkins shown above. This is how my arrangement turned out.

So here is the final project. Its a beautiful pumpkin with and arrangement of different fall stems. As you may notice I also included the blue and off white pumpkins that I got from Dollar Tree. I just love the way it turned out and I hope you like it too. Well that’s one craft I made with the Dollar Tree pumpkin, stay tune to see what I do next. I will now leave you as I always leave you, but one more catch,

Keep Crafting and Stay Spooky

Halloween haul

As you know I like to save my hauls for Monday, but today I wanted to share this with you because it’s part of my décor for Halloween. I start working on my Halloween décor and I want to share with you but I can’t because it’s items I hauled earlier this week. I will share with you the items I purchase.

The first thing I want to start with is my wig head. This item is one of my main Halloween décor. I picked this up from Amazon. I also have wigs for this head which will be part of the décor. The next item I purchase goes along with the head is this item,

I purchase this item to go with the head to use as a body. Because the cost of a full mannequin was too expensive. And my plan is to have her sit on the balcony during the day. I plan on stuffing this bodysuit and placing the head on it. I will share the process with you as soon as I work on it. This item I got from Walmart Halloween section.

The next item I’m going to share is this mercury glass pumpkin head. I purchase this item from Five Below. This will just be part of my décor no diy needed, but I will be adding some lights to have that glow.

These next items I purchased from Dollar Tree. The pumpkins, and the wire lights and well as the make-up will be something that will be in cooperated in the Halloween/fall décor. The only that is shown which isn’t for Halloween is the flash light with the poop bag holder for my little fur baby night time exclusions.

The last thing I forgot to include with the bodysuit I purchase from Walmart is this red cream make-up. I will be using this on the head, more to come. So this is the conclusion of my Halloween haul. I can’t wait to share with you my Halloween décor coming soon on this blog. Until the next time,

Keep Crafting and make it spooky.