Pre Halloween Craft

So today I will share with you a small craft of a project that I’ve made a while ago. I seen someone do this on You Tube and I decided to try it. What you need is some wood draws from Dollar Tree, some blue and white acrylic paint.

Like I mention earlier this is from something I started and didn’t know what to do with it. I had glued these draws together and was using them to store small desk items. If you notice there are numbers inside the boxes, and the reason for this is because Dollar Tree draws have the tendencies to not fit in back out of the slots that they were in.

I first painted the draw part blue. I didn’t paint the end side of the draws because once the inserts are placed inside no one will see the inside.

The next thing I painted was the draw inserts. I painted them white, which you can’t tell in the light because the wood itself is a light wood. In this picture I had already put on two coats.

After I finish painting the drawer and insert I decide to add some handles on the fronts on the draws. I took some tumbling tower blocks and painted them a lighter blue than the draws. Sorry I forgot to take picture of them with the paint.

While the paint was drying on the little pulls, I decided to add some feet on the bottom of the draws. The purpose was to add a little height and interest. The feet are plastic elephants I got them from Amazon. Also I didn’t paint the bottom because of the box because no one will see the bottom.

This is what the draws look like with the feet on. The draw have some height and some interest.

This is what the draws look like when all the components are put together. I notice that even after I painted the boxes the bottom draws still didn’t fit because for some reason the draws seems to have shrink, so I have to put them on top to show how it looks.

So that my pre Halloween craft I want to share with you before I start my Halloween crafting and decor. I will leave this blog like I always leave it,

Keep Crafting.

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