Haul Time!!!!!

Hi and welcome back to today blog which I will now call haul time. It seems lately on Mondays I share my hauls from the week. So I will make this the day I will share all my hauls. I mean why not I purchase something from somewhere at least once a week because I usually go food shopping and I’m always near a Walmart, Target, Dollar Tree, Five Below and well as getting orders from Amazon. There is always a need for something, so why not just share. So lets get with the sharing.

My first hauls items I got from Target. In all truth I go to Target because they are the only ones to carry the kind of food Pebbles like to eat. I have to keep my fur baby happy. I usually just walk through Bullseye playground to see what the have. It can be a hit or miss. The only item I found I think will be useful for my Halloween décor are these potion bottles. I purchase smaller potion bottles last week but these light up, (well only light up the other one was missing the tealight, don’t you just hate that UGH!!!!!). It will be ok because even through their colors will be different, I’ll make it work. The next item is an household item. It’s this crock pot. My daughter and I was talking how it would be nice to have one and it can help us in a journey to eating healthy and losing some weight. This one was on sale and it makes enough food for five people. I like it because I can put food on in the morning, set it to low and it cooks all day without over heating the apartment and without me having to stay near the kitchen all day cooking. Yay for crockpots, wish I had one when I first moved here would have saved a lot of money, money that I happily gave Uber Eats and Door Dash. Let move on shall we. The last items are these candles, I don’t know how I will put them in my décor, but if there’s a will there’s a way

These last items I got from yes you guessed it Dollar Tree. The first two items of course you can see are part of my Halloween décor. The other two items I will come back to in one moment. I was looking for these boxes because one, they look like spell and potion books it will serve as two purpose. I can put little items that I keep on my coffee table in them like remotes and I can use them to elevate my potion bottles. The other items are lights I’m planning to put at the entrance of my balcony. I already have lights on my pathway but now it will look like once you pass the pathway you are entering something scary, yet its not. The last items are a notebook, because I can never pass one up with a nice saying and the next item is a pack wood Thanksgiving sayings. Up next are some xmas lights that are in a long strip as supposed to individual bulbs on a strip. I think I will use them to wrap around my outside tree for a different effect. The bags next to the strip contains colored crush glass. I discovered it at Michaels and used them for a craft project. The way they are crushed, there are no sharp edges and when you add them with glitter they just sparkle. At they are a little more expensive, but I decided to see how the ones at Dollar Tree are.

So that’s my haul for this week , I can’t wait to share my next haul with you. I’m excited because these items are on their way and I just love to share with you. I will leave you like I always to and till the next haul,

Keep crafting

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