Shein: A haul Story

Today I wanted to share a haul from Shein. I watch you tubers always talking about the purchases they made from Shein. I decided to place an order from Shein because of the mixed reviews and I wanted to see for myself. Another reason is some people say Ali Express sells the same items, but they get what they pay for not a random item. I will show you what I purchase and sometime in the future I will place an order with Ali Express and compare which company is better.

The first two items I will share are these costumes I purchased for my fur baby. I order a doctor and a nurse costume. If you look at these outfits they are very nice, but what you don’t see is that even through they look the same size, they aren’t. The nurse outfit is a large and the doctor outfit is an extra large. On the website these items look much smaller than they actually were. We usually purchase Pebbles outfits in medium, but my understanding that to purchase clothing items you need to go a size up. I guess pet items are true to size and people aren’t. Both of these items fit the same on Pebbles even through on size is larger than the other one.

The next item I purchase are these clothing organizers. These item are suppose to make room in your closet when hanging up items. I purchase them to hang up my tee shirts. When I saw these items online they look like the hang vertically, but when you put them to they are horizontal. I did go back to the website and notice the way they hang in your closet depends on how you position the hanger hook. They came with no instructions ,and they wasn’t assembled.

The last items I purchased were stationary items. I was trying to get to a minimum to be able to use after pay. Before I go on I just want you to know that After pay is an app that allows you to make purchases from certain web site and with a small down payment, and you are allow to make payments every two weeks. Now back to my review. I can say that I’m happy with the large calendar and the notebook. The calendar have big enough squares where you can preplan you whole month. The notebook, is nice because even through the size is A5 it is a loose-leaf style notebook. The other two items are ok, but the sticky note calendar isn’t really made to write on. I wanted to use it to jolt down daily schedule, etc. but it isn’t enough room, and the other book is a today notebook and if you are a person that like to make list this isn’t for you. All in all my purchases are ok, but I can’t see myself placing an order from the again. I forget to mention that from the time I placed my order and receive my order it was a two week turnover, which isn’t bad if these items are coming from overseas.

I hope you like this review and find some of the information helpful. If you ever ordered from Shein or Ali Express, please leave me a comment below of which one you prefer. Until Next time

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