Better late than never

Hi, I just wanted to jump up here and say Hi. I’m trying my best to not miss a day, but I’m failing badly. I haven’t been able to complete any of my project because I need to go to Dollar Tree. I know you are saying “Didn’t you do a blog on all your crafting stash”? And my answer is yes I did, but I notice that among my stash I really don’t have seasonal stuff. Yes I do have some seasonal stuff, but I need more fall stems and colors. I want to finish my fall sign,but I need more fall color. I’m also planning to redo my balcony area for the fall and I’m working on that as well. I’m also getting ready for the holiday season which seem right around the corner. So not to beat myself up too much I won’t have a blog up every single day but I will try to have a blog up at least five times a week.

So with all that being said, I do have a small haul, these are items that came in the mail.I will share with you but it’s not too much craft related.

First item I will share is my new mini backpack of the Nightmare Before Christmas. Jack Skeleton is one of my favorite characters. My daughter purchase this bag as an early christmas gift but gave it to me to use on our Disney trip this weekend. As soon as the trip is over I’m packing it up for christmas.

The next two items are planner related. I’m a planner and I love to use items that will help me plan. I’m a pen to paper girl, so having a planner whether monthly, weekly as well as a note pad help me organized as well as keep me on track. I have to use anything possible to try to see what I need to do, as well as my progress.

This item will be part of my fall/holiday decor. My daughter and I spent almost a year trying to build a faux fire place and I saw a You Tube video where someone purchase this faux fireplace and place her christmas lights and stockings on it and it looked great.She even made faux logs with twinkle lights to make it look like a real fireplace. This item received good reviews on Amazon, so I say why not try. I will share the before and after pictures with you probably next week since fall is approaching quickly.

So this come to the end of my blog for today, I’m sorry it was late, but these items came in late and I wanted to share something with you today no matter how small it is. But now I will leave you like always,

Keep crafting

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