Paint, tape and glue guns oh my!!!!

Hi welcome back one and all. I need to find an new introduction for this blog. Thank you to everyone. You know who you are and who you can be by just subscribing to this wild and crazy blog. So as promise I’m back. I will be here as long as possible because it helps me practice my typing. No seriously all jokes aside when I did have time to blog I enjoyed it. Also as a side note the other thing I’ve been trying to do is restart my you tube channel so stay tune to that. I posted 3 videos before I moved to Florida and that is it. I want to have another sharing outlet.Now lets get to the blog.

Before I start this blog I was playing around with font colors, I have mixed feelings about it but please let me know in the comments. Oh on another note please feel free to leave me a comment or even a hi to let me know you come over for a visit. I would really like to hear from you.

So now the blog. today I was going to organized the last drawer in the armoire which is the paint drawer. When I opened the drawer this is what it looked like.

It was pretty much organized except for some wall brackets and drawer knobs that should be in another location. I had this drawer orgainzed where as all the tape and paint was sorted and placed in a neat area. I also had all my glue guns that I don’t use regularly place in a neat section of the drawer.

When I took out the items that shouldn’t have been in the drawer, it was pretty neat and required no additional intervention. Nice and organized. And as for the items that didn’t belong,

I had them stored in a container until I can find a proper area for them. For now they are in a safe area where they are being protected for their own safety LOL. So this is the end of yet another blog, but hopefully not the end of this series. My next job is to tackle the inside of the armoire which I don’t have a clue on what to do with it.

I will now leave you as I leave all my blogs, Keep crafting

And now here’s a word from our sponsor!!!

Hi and welcome back to my blog. If you are a subscriber,thank you for returning to my blog. If you are a new subscriber or just stop, thank you as well and please consister subscribing.

Today I’m going to take a quick break from organizing to share a haul. I’m not sharing all the items I purchase because most of them are just simple household items. Today I decided to take a trip to Target for food for my Pebbles. She’s a picky eater and only certain stores carry the food she likes to eat.

Well anyway back to the blog I ended up not only at Target,Five Below as well as Dollar Tree start calling my name.So I travel alone the path where I was called and there wasn’t too much happenening at Five Below ,but I decided to pick up this item for the desk as well as airpods cleaner.

Nothing much to see here.Target was a bust also, they didn’t have my baby’s food in stock or anything worth buying at Bulls Eye Playground. I just purchased cleaning stuff,nothing exciting to see. So my feet walked me over to Dollar Tree. There not only did I get some cleaning stuff I found these items as well.

I purchase items that I will use either for a fall wreath or I will use those little metal containers to make a fall arrangement for my livingroom coffee table. The little pillow I purchased just because I thought it was cute to hang on my bedroom door or somewhere in the apartment. For a moment can we just look at the blue pumpkin stems. I love them as well as the cream ones for a different color for the fall. I know with some fall flowers I previously purchase, they will make a nice arrangement.

That’s all I have for this haul and this blog. Tomorrow I will continue with the last drawer in my craft supply organization series,if I can call it that. Anyway as always I will leave you with this .

Keep Crafting

What is a crafter without tools and glue

Hi welcome back to my blog and as mention, I’m back!Yes she back, back again, Sharen is back tell your friends, and so on and so forth. Thank you for returning back to my blog and I hope you will continue to return, new and old friends. Today I’m continuing with my organization of my armoire. As I mention the only way I can start seriously crafting again in organization. So I will start with my armoire and see what will be next in my journey of crafting.

So today I will tackle drawer number 2 which mean I have one my more drawer to do before I start the inside of the armoire. That will be something I share,but if it seems after drawer number 3 is done and I’m doing something different it’s because I’m working on this and it’s a bigger project. With that being said lets get to the second drawer, the glue and the tools.

This is what this drawer looked like. It had tools thrown all over the place, bottles of glue, packs of glue as well as one or two power tools. For me to find anything I would have to take some stuff out of this drawer and then dig in the drawer to get stuff out. Then when I was finished, I would just throw the stuff back in the drawer and hope and pray the drawer would close.I also had stuff that shouldnt be in this drawer such as all types of brackets as well as paint. You can’t see the paint because its under junk.

This is what the drawer looks like now. I have all the glues in storage containers. The ones that can’t stand in the drawer is just laying in the box. I have a container for all my clamps, didn’t see them earlier because yes the were under something. I have all my tools in one container,but even through I can’t just go in the container and pick up a tool, they are all located in one place and I know how to get to it without distrubing the other items in the drawer. Also as you may notice that items which don’t belong in the drawer isn’t in there such as brackets and paint as well as power tools.

So this may have been a short blog , but I’m here and tomorrow I will tackle drawer number 3, so I hope you will return and continue my journey on becoming a crafter again. And until then I have two things to tell you, don’t be afraid of the mess in your craft area and Keep crafting

Even a baby needs to crawl before he walks

Hi and welcome back to my blog. I guess you are all surprise I’m back so soon but I told you I need a refresh. I need to restart this blog and I need to start crafting again. So if you are a returning subsciber welcome back and it you are new here welcome to this wild and crazy blog .

So in my blog yesterday I stated that I wanted to start blogging again as well as crafting. I also stated a baby needs to crawl before he walks (hence the title) , well I decided to start my crafting journal by reorganizing and doing a kinda of inventory of all my craft supplies and craft tools. So in the blog and a couple of future blogs, I will show you how I will start. Today I show you my armoire where most of crafting supplies are tools are stored.

This is my armoire. It was a gift from a friend and I decided in the begining to use it as a crafting area. I was going to use the drawers as storage for craft supplies and tools and I was going to redo the area where the doors are as a crafting station where I can pull out a crafting table and use it for things like my cricut maker or my sewing machine. That will be a different blog somewhere down the line. So back to the drawer,today I will tackle the first drawer. I forgot to take before pictures of the drawer, but I will show you everything that came out of the drawer and how I reorganized it.

Here is all the items that came out of the top drawer. The way I have things into containers was just thrown in my drawer just like that. Yes I could reach for any item I needed but sometimes I would have to move other stuff out of the way to get to it. This drawer mostly consist of my cricut maker and cricut joy supplies plus other things I may reach for .

This is what this drawer look like now its be reorganized. I used larger binds so I can put stuff more into catagories. such as cricut joy vinyl,labels,iron-on, blades as well as mats are in one bind. All my cricut markers and tools are in another bind,and all my heat, and cutting tools in another bind. There are smaller binds in the drawers that contain smaller items that are considered crafting supplies but don’t fall into any of the catagories that is contained in this drawer.

So that brings us to the end of this blog, I will continue this journey of reorganizing in my next blog, so until then keep crafting.

A Craftflection…A reflection of a lost crafter

I’m back and this time I’m serious. What a way to start a blog. I know I always say this and you don’t hear from me in months, but lately I’ve been reflecting. So before I go on I want to thank my subcribers who has been with me from the beginning and decided to stay, as well as all of you who just stumble on to this blog and just want to see what it’s about. Thank You for just stopping by and I hope all this makes sense at the end and you decide to stay.

”So as stated earlier Ive been doing a lot of reflection. There have been so many changes in my life and I just have a hard time figuring out what to do next. I’ve been unemployed for the last two months, which at first anger me because I was let go do to complications of an on the job injury, as well as after affects of the covid vaccine. I felt betrayed and hurt that a company as big as my former employer would use all this against me. Than I was ready to fight , but decided that a company so big has no loyality to someone who has worked for them even with the conditions and the situation I was facing didn’t deserve to have me. So I moved on. But moved on to what?

‘Now almost three months later, still looking for new employment I decided to go back to the things I liked to do but couldn’t do because of work. That is this blog as well as crafting. I realized that I didn’t dedicate myself to this blog because I worked so many hours and on my day off there was thing I had to do, that didn’t leave me anytime to work on my crafting or write a blog. Yes I’ve planned crafts project, brought the supplies and just put them away for that little bit of time to work on them. So today I decide to take the first step to returning to the things I like to do and I’m starting with this blog. Along with this blog I will start cleaning out my crafting tools ,organizing my craft supplies as well as sit back and make plans to craft again. The good thing is I’m taking all of you, my subcribers with me, starting today and hopefully every other day. Wait did I say hopefully?, no I will be here.

Well I can sit here at my desk and ramble about all the things I would like to accomplish or I can get off my butt and do it. I think I better chose the latter and move my behind from this seat. You have to start to get started.

So I’m going to bring this blog to an end so I can get started. I need to take baby step and I have to start today, right now because even a baby needs to crawl before walking. So I will end here and will talk to you real soon. Please always remember, there might be bumps in the road, but always keep crafting.