New year, New haul pt 1

Hi,welcome back to my blog. If you are returning, thank you for returning,and if you are just stopping please stick around to see where this blog will take you. Check out older blogs to see where it’s been. Become a subscriber.

Today I will start with some smaller item I purchased. These items where purchased over a period of time, sometimes toward the end of 2020,or the beginning of 2021. So let us begin.

I received The New Testament when I reached out to Bibles for America to take an online Bible study course.
These above items was purchased from Amazon. I picked up a true control weeding kit. Lately I’ve been doing more weeding projects and wanted to try this. I previous purchased the true control blade which I like. The other item is an engraving blade. I will share a project I have plan for this soon.
The next two item also came from Amazon. Lately I’ve been watching this you tuber name posh paper lady. She does paper crafting. On her favorites video these were her top two favorites. She uses the reptile glue because once it dries it give items an extra strong bond. The finger blade she said give her control when she’s cutting her paper items.
This is the next item I got is also a cricut item. It’s a foil kit. As I mentioned earlier I do a lot weeding project, so I wanted to foil some of my creations. More to come.
Another Amazon item is this heat tool. This item came with safety handling supplies. I wanted to use this for removing stickers and doing some embossing in the future.

The last items I will share with you in this blog is items I purchased from Walmart.

The first item is this electric stapler/nailer. A must have for every crafter .
Soldering iron. I need this for a project I will be working on, more later.
Just some acrylic and chalk paint for the my supply box.
A sanitizer for you cell phone and other small items. Just Because 😐
During Xmas I made clay figures for my Xmas wreath. I used the kind that requires baking , and I had a few issues with it, so I decided to try air dry clay for a project and see which one is better. The magnetic tape is just for the supply box.
During the summer these pen came out and the planner community went wild about them. They only came in the black body. I saw a you tuber with the pen in the new white body, so I went to Walmart and they had the new blue body. They write really great and they are a big hit within the planner community.

Well this is the end of haul pt 1. They are some many more purchases I’ve made from stores such as Five Below, Target, Dollar Tree(which needs a blog on its own),Micheals as well as Hobby Lobby. I will be sharing some of those in my next blog. So until we meet again,

Keep Crafting!!!

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