What’s going on

First of all before I start this blog, I want to thank all my subscribers who are still here waiting patiently for my return. I also want to thank any reader who just stumbled on to this blog. Please stick around become a subscriber and see what’s in store. Disclaimer I will probably blog few and far between blogs which I will explain later.

So where do I begin, so we all know that we are in the middle of a pandemic, states are reopening, schools are figuring out how children should be educated in this time of uncertainty . It’s just a crazy time, and in the middle of all this frustration and confusion I had an accident on my primary job,Walmart. So yes, I had an accident and it has become serious. Oh on top of all that, my daughter and I found a cheaper apartment and moved.(former poor excuse of a roommate decided she didn’t want a renew her lease,and was angry we didn’t beg her to. We wanted her out!!!) Anyway I digressed. Back to the story, I had my accident in which I slipped and fell on my knee and ended up hurting my arm trying to get up. Was told both wasn’t probably not too serious because X-rays couldn’t see anything.Nearly two months after the initial accident, I found out from an MRI I took almost one month after the accident that I tore a ligament in my knee and had a small fracture in my shoulder and was referred to an orthopedic for both.

Well in the process of all of this going on, the complex we had applied for an apartment had a vacancy and we could finally move. So here I am with my arm in a sling with no ability to help move,had to start the moving process. And during all of this if it wasn’t for my daughter, who took care of all the moving plans,as well as help take care of me and my issues, I don’t know what would have happened. Side note, I also recruit my friend and her husband. Moving day come and we finally moved, I’m on light duties at work, in pain,ugh. I finally to go the orthopedic for my shoulder to fine out my rotator cuff is torn and I need to have a surgery to fix it. So that where I am today waiting . I have so much planned for this blog, because our new apartment comes with a lanai,(small balcony with outside storage) We have plans for a little sitting area, we have larger bedrooms,living room, kitchen and dining area. My bedroom is large enough to have a crafting area as well as room for a sleeping area that don’t interfere with one another. I want to share with you our plans, which now will just be a tour because I’m trying to do as much as I can before the surgery.

I also have haul items that was purchased before the move and the accident I want to share,as well as craft items in the works. I will hopefully won’t be out to much longer because I love sharing,as well as crafting and shopping for supplies.

I will be back soon, but will leave you like I always do

Keep crafting.