Where do I begin!!!

Hi and welcome back to my blog. As you know we as a people have been adjusting to a new way of life. This new way of life is hard and for the most part scary. We are living in a time of unknown and uncertainty. I just want you to know that I wish nothing but health and safety for all my readers,their families and friends. As you know I’m consider an essential working and I’m still working at both of my jobs each and every day. Which leaves me little time to keep up my my crafting as well as this blog. I just want to you know I will be doing the best I can in this situation to keep up this blog,so please stick around.

I cannot remember the last time I shared anything with you but I found some picture of items I hauled. Some of these items are recent I have to admit, because in 4 days I start my vacation. My plans was to return to NYC to visit my plans were pushed back. So I decided to complete some projects, do reorganizing of my space and just do things I do not seem to have the time to do. So without further rambling let’s get to the haul. Oh by the way these items were purchased over a period of time,so they aren’t in any order. I’m also trying something new. I will just tell you where I brought the item from under the picture and if it’s for a craft project I will give more detail.

Wood boxes and trinket boxes
Dollar Tree

The boxes above I purchased with the plan to organize little bits and bobs on my desk. I since changed it to organize tea in my cabinet. A future craft I will share soon.

New sharpie S-Gel pens

I purchased these pen based on a review from a YouTuber. This turn out to be a pen that I also recommend.

A journal I originally plan to use for preplanning
Skinny happy planner classic

I’ve watched so many planner babes on YouTube talk about this planner and when I saw it at Joann on clearance I thought why not.

Bound happy planner classic
Me and my big ideas.com
Cricut easy press mini

This item was purchased because it was on clearance and I couldn’t leave it there.

Silhouette mint machine

This was purchased because my previous one was broken, I was told it couldn’t be repaired and Amazon had it was so much cheaper than when I brought it originally. I saved $120 on this one.

Computer monitor

My monitor on my lap top have a crack and I’ve been hooking it up to my tv to use it. So I decide to purchase a monitor which I can just use from my desk .

Foil Quill for cricut machine

Foil Quill standard freestyle pen.

Once again I found the foil quill for much cheaper than even Walmart sells it. As for the freestyle pen, I just wanted to try it and use it when I need planner decor and don’t feel like using the machine.

Devotional books

So I will bring this blog to an end. I realize I have more stuff they I will share in another blog so this one do not be any longer than it is.

I want to leave this blog like I always do, but first I want to say keep the faith we will get through this.

Keep crafting