A quick update

Hi, before I get started with this blog I want everyone one who read it or even just passing by,be safe. Please keep social distance. We can and will overcome this bump in the road, and be much stronger-as a community. Well back to my blog. I will make it short and sweet. I know that this a tough time for everyone, some might be on leave from their jobs and others like myself works in what is categorized essential. This is a blessing, as well as a curse. The blessing is Im still working. The curse is that not only do we have to be concern with our own safety,we have to deal with “paranoid “ customers. This is very stressful because we have to constantly assure customers that will have to be safe to make sure they are safe. With this new situation I don’t have the time or the energy to craft. I still have haul items that I will share in the near future, as well as my Easter decor.I just asking for your support during this crisis and see what’s I have planned.

So once again I Hope everyone is safe and healthy, and until next time

Keep crafting

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