A midnight quickie

Hi and welcome back to my blog. If you are new or just visiting,stick around I have lots to share with you. If you are my returning subscribers,hey what’s up. So back to my quickie. I have a haul for you. First let me say now is the time to visit your local Walmart. They are starting to make room for new items and you know what that means, It’s clearance time.All the items shown above is what I was able to get that are on clearance. Lets start with the decorative storage containers. Originally I wanted that teal color and the off white for my craft space makeover,but as you can see when I went to get it ,the only color that was left was the burgundy. Oh well it’s on clearance after all. The next items are my reusable cooper straws,(which I truly love, as well as an antenna. The other items I picked up was the water resistant pouch and some slippers. Just a small haul, nothing too exciting. I just wanted to share that Walmart is clearing everything.

Side note at the original time this blog was written these items was still in stock, so the clearance items are now subject to change.

So that’s my small haul I have to share. Sorry it was short. But I want to leave you like always.

Keep crafting

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