A quick update

Hi, before I get started with this blog I want everyone one who read it or even just passing by,be safe. Please keep social distance. We can and will overcome this bump in the road, and be much stronger-as a community. Well back to my blog. I will make it short and sweet. I know that this a tough time for everyone, some might be on leave from their jobs and others like myself works in what is categorized essential. This is a blessing, as well as a curse. The blessing is Im still working. The curse is that not only do we have to be concern with our own safety,we have to deal with “paranoid “ customers. This is very stressful because we have to constantly assure customers that will have to be safe to make sure they are safe. With this new situation I don’t have the time or the energy to craft. I still have haul items that I will share in the near future, as well as my Easter decor.I just asking for your support during this crisis and see what’s I have planned.

So once again I Hope everyone is safe and healthy, and until next time

Keep crafting

Haul Time Y’all

Hi and welcome back to my blog. Today I’m back with a haul about Easter. I know,I know what about St Patty Day. Well I’m going to use decor from last year if I decide to decorate. This year I would like to concentrate on Easter. I’m concentrating on Easter because it’s in the spring and I can decorate for spring, add a few Easter elements and it will still be Spring.

The first decor items are these glitter eggs. They are medium size and have blue and green glitter
The next item as a purple egg, a little smaller than the previous eggs,but it have lights inside that changes color. Shown in red
The next two items are a jar with a bunny on top. I plan to fill the jar up with jelly beans .The jelly beans aren’t shown because they would be gone before I can get all my decor set up. Haha
The other item is another light up egg but this one is ceramic. It only have one color.
Both of these items are blue because at this point I picked up the only two that was left.

Well that’s my small Easter haul. I will be back on Thursday to share a non Easter haul.

Until me meet again

Keep crafting

An update

Hi and welcome back to my blog. I’m sitting here feeling disappointed in my self because I’ve been lacking when it comes to blogging. I have a lot going on right now and I guess this blog have been put on the back burner. I’m going to try to do better in the future. Can’t make any promises but will try. So what have I’ve been up too. As most of you know or not know, I moved here from New York almost two years ago. I haven’t been there since I moved, so I’m planning a small vacation to see everybody and send more of my stuff here. I also been working two jobs, Time has been very tight for me. I’m thinking about planning with an hourly set up, so I can schedule my time. I think if I can see my time spend hourly I can make better plans. I do have things to share. I do have another haul blog,and more to share in my journey to reorganize my personal living space. So I hope you stick around for that. So with that said I want to share something that isn’t blog related but I think it’s kinda cute.

For Christmas my daughter received hermit crabs. It was just one in the beginning, but he seemed lonely and it became 2. As of last week her crab family has grown to a crab household of 3.

This is their house. Currently they are sitting on my desk, because my daughter went to work and she keeps her room cold and she wants them to be in a room temperature area.
And here they are. The larger one is the first one. He’s in the green shell. His name is Sheldon. The second one she recited is the one in the brown shell. His name is Shelton,yea I know she wanted to play on the fact they have decorative shells. The newest addition is the one in the decorative beige shell. As of this blog he is nameless.
This is what they look like with the home decor. The football helmet is actually another shell. Hermit crabs periodically move or change shell when they are tired of their old shell so an extra shell needs to be available. They also bath their self so the sponge is there wet and available. The blue shells with the leaf decor is their eating area..

So that’s just a little share I have for you. Hope you found that as interesting as I did when they joined our household. So now I will leave you like always

Keep crafting.

A midnight quickie

Hi and welcome back to my blog. If you are new or just visiting,stick around I have lots to share with you. If you are my returning subscribers,hey what’s up. So back to my quickie. I have a haul for you. First let me say now is the time to visit your local Walmart. They are starting to make room for new items and you know what that means, It’s clearance time.All the items shown above is what I was able to get that are on clearance. Lets start with the decorative storage containers. Originally I wanted that teal color and the off white for my craft space makeover,but as you can see when I went to get it ,the only color that was left was the burgundy. Oh well it’s on clearance after all. The next items are my reusable cooper straws,(which I truly love, as well as an antenna. The other items I picked up was the water resistant pouch and some slippers. Just a small haul, nothing too exciting. I just wanted to share that Walmart is clearing everything.

Side note at the original time this blog was written these items was still in stock, so the clearance items are now subject to change.

So that’s my small haul I have to share. Sorry it was short. But I want to leave you like always.

Keep crafting