My space redo Part 2 The bathroom.

Hi and welcome back to my blog. Today is part 2 of a series Im calling my space redo. In part one I shared how I planned my project. I sat down with my big happy planner and planned each space I want to redo and my plans for that redo. The only thing that has changed since that blog is I decided to put a section in my classic happy planner for my project so everything is in one planner.The first area I decided to redo was my bathroom. My bathroom is finished,but in my original plans I wanted to put a space saver behind the toilet for extra storage. I since changed my mind a number of times about what type I would like so needless to say I didn’t get one yet. Here are the before pictures. Just to let you know,my biggest problem was stuff every where and the shower curtains.As you can tell everything was in just in my opinion thrown anywhere. You can tell from the pictures but the shower curtain color was rubbing on to my tub. The shoe bag behind the bathroom door was originally set up where all the hair items had its own space, make up item and so on and so on. I also have a clothing hamper which the before picture wasn’t clear. So lets look at the changes.The first and for most item that need to be changed was my shower curtains. Even through I loved the colors and the brightness of my plastic curtain, I love the darker more adults like colors of my fabric shower curtain. This curtain was part of a set which also came with curtain rings and the rug that is shown.

The next pictures shows how I cleaned off the the items on the toilet,just to make it look neater as well as the little storage draws next to the toilet. At this time I don’t have a storage solution for extra toilet paper storage so it just in the plastic basket by the toilet. I changed the face, hand towels and rug by the sink to keep up with the color scheme. Remember the clothing hamper organizer, I didn’t have before pictures of, well this is the neater version on it. The last thing I wanted to share are my pictures on the wall. Those two will be replace sometime in the future with a more bathroom theme, but now they are ok for that spot.

So as you see all I needed for this project was some new shower curtains and a little organization,and my redo is complete. Only thing left is what type of space saver will I choose,which I will share in the future. If you have any questions or comments please share below and as always

Keep crafting.