A very small collective haul

Hi and welcome to my blog. Today blog is a small and I do mean very small haul. These items were purchase at different store at different times. So I decided why not share with you, no matter how small it is. So lets take a look.The first item I will be sharing is these unfinished cigar boxes. I purchased them from Walmart. I plan using these as part of my craft tool organization when I redo my craft area. That’s a project that I will be sharing in the future.The next item I got from Dollar Tree. The clear one is a thin vase. It caught my eye because of the texture, as well as the tall slender shape.The tinted one next to it is also a vase. I liked this one also because the texture design and the bow just added a nice touch. The last item believe it or not is a repeat buy. Last year Dollar Tree sold these macaroon trinket boxes,which I have some. They never carried it in that color which is one of my favorites.The next two items I brought also from Walmart were the foil quill sheets. Walmart start carrying the quill pens as well as the sheets for the electronic cutting machines. Some time in the future I would like to purchase the other pens,but for now I will use these for my planner stickers. The colors I picked up to go with my silver sheets is metallic blues and greens and metallic bronze, goldAnd pinks. The last item I purchased was the diy decals sheets. I want to see how this sheets will work for planner stickers. So that’s my small haul and if you have any questions and comments,please leave them below,and till next time

Keep crafting.

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