My space redo part 1 the planning process

Hi and welcome back to my blog. As always I like to welcome new subscribers as well as thank all my current subscribers. I want to start a series call my space redo. I want to share how I plan my project, the before and after and everything in between.

As I think I mentioned in an earlier blog, I’m a planner girl. I love sitting down usually once a day and plan my todo, schedules and just any little thing I might need to refer to in the future. Toward the end of the year,I start planning how I want to change around areas in my bedroom, bathroom as well as my closet. So I want to share with you my planning process for each area.This book was my Big happy planner. Last year I used it for household planning. Its was left on my desk and I used it to track household schedules, bills and miscellaneous household things. During the year I stop using it because I found it to take up too much space on my desk,I couldn’t use it the way I used my classic planner. So I just put it up. One day I decided I need start planning to reorganize my personal area and was going to just add some projects pages to my classic planner,then I remembered the project pages I had for the big planner,so I brushed off the dust and put it back in commission.

So as you can see it’s a vertical layout. I can just make daily list of what supplies I need to get , what I need to work on this day and even how much money I spend that day for that project. I don’t decorate this planner as I do my classic one. I also use this to start tracking my blog titles and published dates.In the future I will also use this area to track my you tube activities.

Next pages are just some note pages. On these pages I wrote down what project I want to work on, and what changes I want to make and what I need to buy or what I have to make these changes. It’s listed by each area, what changes I want to make and what I need to make it happen.

The last page I use is the project page. On this page I write down each project what I want to do, steps that I need to take to complete the project as well as any notes or research I need to complete this project. Unlike the notes page this page is more detailed oriented. I do add a date to each page I planned the project but don’t put a due date to finish it. It’s something I know has to be done but I don’t want to pressure myself on when it needs to be done.

So that how I plan my project. If you are interested in how each project is progressing, come back to the blogs for updates.

And I will leave you like always

Keep crafting.

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