My favorite planner pens

As some of you know, I’m like to plan. I’m what the planner community called a planner girl or planner babe. In today’s blog I’m going to share with you the pens I’ve been using (this month). Hi welcome to my blog,and as always if you are a new subscriber welcome and my seasoned subscribers thank you for sticking around.

So today I want to share the pens that I’ve been using this month. As you can see there are only 3 pens but they are in duplicates. So lets begin.

My first favorite pen is from Villabeautifful. These pen are gel ink pens. The point is a 5mm point, and when you write you get that smooth flow. The point don’t have that scratchy feel when you write and it’s a comfortable pen to hold and write with. If anyone is interested in this pen the website is

The next pen I will share is my energetic liquid gel ink pen. This pen is made by the company pentel. This pen also have a 5mm, smooth writing point. This pen is my main go to pen, so not only do I use it when planning,I usually pick it up to take quick notes or write list.This pen I found at Walmart.

These two last pen is what Walgreens sold for Christmas and only referred to them as professional ball point pens. They have a 7mm ballpoint. It’s a standard ballpoint, but what drawn me to them is the Harry Potter characters. The only two characters I could find was Dumbledore and Hermione. I use these pen when I’m writing on my planner stickers because the dry quickly.

So you are probably saying ,Why do you have duplicates? Well let me explain. With the Villabeautifful pens, I like the different color stones she placed in each pen. Even through they look basically the same, each pen has its own”personality “. As for the energel pen, I originally had one in gold(not shown), but when I used up all the ink I couldn’t find a refill. The refill is very hard to find. One day walking through stationary section at Walmart I saw the pen and it came with extra refill. I just brought them so I know I will have a refills on hand because like I mentioned earlier this pen has become my go to pen. The Harry Potter pens was a novelty purchase.

So those are my favorites pen I’m using with my planner this month. If you have any questions or comments please leave them below, and as always

Keep crafting an planning

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