So whats next

Hi and welcome back to my blog. I would like to welcome all my new subscribers ,as well as thank my subscribers that’s been here with me throughout this process of blogging.

So in my busy life I think I finally figure out a blogging schedule as well as finally getting my YouTube channel up and running. I’ve been trying for awhile to start a you tube channel but I didn’t like my videos during editing so I scrap them. I hope to get a video up ( fingers crossed) by Friday. I will start off fresh with an intro video. As for my blog my problem was I wanted to blog daily, but with my work schedule it’s impossible to complete a crafting project as well as blog about it the same day. So I will have a blog posted twice a week. My blog will be the same, I will share my project as well as my hauls. I will also share purchased item I’m really liking.

So stick around, I have planned so many projects which I will be sharing with you. Also look out for videos,coming soon to YouTube.

So until I return,

Keep crafting.

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