Small share and Dollar Tree hall

Hi welcome back to my blog. Thank you both new and old subscribers for returning to this wild and crazy ride which is this blog. So today I want to share some news as well as some items I purchase. So before I show you want I purchased I want to tell you about a new job I recently started. So let me start with a back story. As long as I been crafting my two favorite store I like to go to we’re Micheals and Dollar Tree. When I was in New York, I was CEM at Michael’s. When I moved to Florida, I transferred to a Michael’s in Davenport,which turned out to have two issues. Issue #1 I had to take a demotion to certified framer. Issue # 2 it was in a different county and it was hard and expensive to get to. So needless to say I no longer work at Micheals and start working at Walmart. Recently my other favorite store had a hiring event, I applied, and now I work for Dollar Tree. Yes I’m still at Walmart but I added Dollar Tree to the the mix as my secondary job.

So now with the haul. The first thing I will is snacks. Just some gummy candies, and gum. I threw the ice cream in cos I was hungry. I did have pictures but it didn’t come out clear. The item I’m showing now are a couple of elephants. I was always told to keep an elephant on the table with nose pointing toward the door. That suppose to help bring in money. I have some elephants on my refrigerator but I always have to adjust their location. These two will sit on the table by my bedroom door. The last items I will share will be for my Xmas decor. I know Thanksgiving isn’t here yet, but I want to start making my decor so I can display it as soon as the tree goes up. Im planning to get all my Xmas stuff together and take inventory. I planned to make me and my daughter Halloween costumes but time seems to got away from me, so I’m still planning to make them, but just for next Halloween. So that’s all I have to share with you. I will have lots more to share the closer the beginning of the holiday season starts. So before I end this blog. Tell me some things you are doing to in preparation for the upcoming holiday season.

And until next time

Keep crafting.

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