Where do I begin

Hi and welcome to this blog. For those who are subscribers ,I want to give you a heart felt thanks. Thank you for continuing to be a subscriber even through I haven’t been here. So much is happening in my life that I don’t have time to craft or blog like I use to. I’m so hoping that will change soon. I was even working on a you tube channel. Earlier in the year I recorded a series of videos, but my computer screen broke and I haven’t had the chance to edit those videos. I did do some changes to my bedroom/craft room, but like a woman I’ve change my mind numerous times. So I ask myself now what. I want to continue crafting as well as blogging. I want to continue sharing hauls and creating. I just need time to balance work and me time. I’m so trying to do that. I will try by starting with a weekly blog.

So now I’ve sort explain what’s going on I want to say welcome and stick around for this rollercoaster ride. Now with today’s blog. As you know it’s Fall (even through in Fl it’s still sort of summer)an we have the holidays rushing upon us. So two that is coming up is Halloween and Thanksgiving. So today I want to share a small Dollar Tree haul. As you know I always try to have some seasonal decor, but to be truthful I just kept my spring decor up for the summer. Since the last time I blogged, I did get a sofa and a coffee table. I can’t remember if that something I shared in a blog, but I will have picture later. So I will start at the top. Just stuff I had to get. Nothing craft related.The second is the foam pumpkins from Dollar Tree. I purchase a total of 5 for both Halloween and Fall decor. The next picture is fall flowers that I will be using for my fall decor. Ant last picture is over the door shoe bag. Thinking out of the box ,I will show you how I use it for craft tools storage.There are other item I purchase from Dollar tree for my Halloween decor,but at this time I seriously cannot find the picture I took.

Well I know this has been a long blog, so I will bring it to an end until next time.

And as always keep Crafting

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