Haul Time

Hi and welcome back to my blog. Its so great to have you here, and thank you for returning.

So today(unlike last week) I have a small haul for you. This items were purchased from Dollar Tree and Walmart.

The first items I will share came from Walmart.The first item is construction glue. I need this because I purchased a chair last year from the Well of Hope thrift store that is need of repair. The back of the chair needs some TLC.

I tried using wood glue but it wont hold,so I think I need to bring out the heavy stuff.The next items is a piece of fabric I want to use to make either pillows for my bed or for the seating I shared last week. Once I make the pillows and decide the best area for them I will share it with you. I purchase the extremely strong fasteners because I have a peg board which I had to use 3m hooks to attach to the wall. For some reason only one of the hooks seems to hold the board and the other one keep falling. So I new to find a solution to keep my peg board on the wall without having to attach it to the wall with nails.

The last items I picked up from Dollar tree. I picked up a couple of bookends and a couple of letter boards.

The bookends I want to use as shelves to hold little items. Thinking out of the box. I will show you how that turned out. I purchase the letter board because I need to it as background for this blog and you tube. I had to purchase two boards to get the amount of letter I need.

Well that’s all I purchased last week. I know not as long or exciting as last week. I will be back with project and hauls and maybe some added surprises so until than,

Keep Crafting

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