Coffee time

Hello and welcome back to my blog. I want to thank you for come back here and I hope you stick around. So how is your Sunday. At the time this blog is being published, I’m at work.So as you know it’s coffee time. Coffee time is where I sit and talk about this past week blogs and basic “girl talk”

So I didn’t blog as much as I like this week because I was working on some projects that I hate to say didn’t work out as plan. I now have to sit back and figure out how to make it work. I did post a long haul blog this week. Even through I hadn’t blog previous for ten days, I did keep a track of purchases I made. This week I shared with you two projects I did complete. The first one was the pen holder I made for my desk.I still love it on my desk, except with constantly using it and moving it , my gems are starting to come off.The last thing I shared this week is was an item I purchased from a thrift store named the Well of Hope. This item I purchase to use as sticker storage. I did ask for suggestions on how to display the item. I will update you on how that went. I will also share with you the direction I will take on how it will be used.

So this week will hopefully be crafted filled. I have plans for project,just need to execute them. Hopefully this is the week for that.I will now leave you but always

Keep Crafting

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