Sticker storage ideal?

Hi and welcome back to my blog. Thank you for being here.

Today Iiwant to share something with you and at the end any ideals or suggestions would be truly appreciated.I purchase this item from the Well of hope thrift store.When I open the door on it , which is a sliding door I saw sticker storage. I painted it with white chalk paint. Once the box dried, I added my stickers to it.I liked the way it turned out, but now I just have it leaning against a wall. I was thinking about adding casters and just store them under my bed. I was also thinking about adding legs to it and use it as a small table to put under my desk. I’m leaning more to the table because the stickers will be at hand reach and I can use it to put stuff that I don’t really need on my desk. What’s do you think. Please let me know in the comments. The comment that I use I will have a little present for you. So please leave me a comment.

And as always I will leave you with this,

Keep Crafting

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