Haul Time

Hi and welcome back to my blog. Like always I want to thank you for being here. Today I want to share with you a haul. This haul was done over a period of time,as well as from stores such as Dollar Tree,Walmart, Lowes and Amazon

The first item I will share comes from Lowes. I purchase these legs for one more project for my bedroom/craft room.I will share this project with you in an upcoming post.

The next items are tool/craft supplies I picked up from walmart.The top picture is a plastic tote. I originally purchase this item for carrying grocery items,but once I got it home I decided I will make a faux basket with it. I want to use it to keep pillows,blankets and other items to be stored. Like always, I will share my project with you. The other items are tools. I the first tool are heavy duty staplers. Why two you are asking. Well just like people have more than on drills,(different sizes and usually one which is actually used for drilling the other have a screw driver bit),I have have one that continues heavy duty staples and the other have brad nails. Which are also shown in the picture.Also I purchase some mending plates, which will be used for the craft project I mentioned earlier. The next items is just tools I need in my tool box for future projects, I purchase a rotary tool set. I was going to get the one that We are Memory Keepers sell,but Walmart had this one which was cheaper because it came with 150 pieces which the one mention above only came with standing pieces. The other tool,are hex keys or hex screw drivers. I always get the free ones that comes when you purchase certain furniture,but I found myself needing one and guess what didn’t even have the free one UGH!!!!!.

The next item wasn’t a purchase, but a fine. I live in a gated community and people are always getting rid of furniture. Remember this item.I found it after someone put it out. My daughter and myself cleaned it,(it was in very good condition)paint it,and I eventually purchase new knobs for it,and I’m still using it till this day with now issues. Well the other day we found this item.It too was in good condition,the legs need to be tightened and there were some small stains on it,but it is very comfortable . I’m planning to make a cover for it and add some pillows.

I did go to the Goodwill and purchase some clothing items as well as this book.Any time I find a book that contain organizational and decor ideas,I pick it up. I draw all kind of inspiration from these.I usually get organizational ideas and decor ideas,so when I see these kinds of books at the Goodwill I pick them up and you cant beat professional ideas for $1. So while I’m on the subject of books, I want to share some books I received in the mail from Our Daily Bread.These books are devotions from the Daily Bread series.These items were given to me by the company. I try to read a devotional a day. I work in retail,so I need to keep some kind of balance,otherwise I would be unemployed or in jail(LOL). Side note: If you are interested in daily devotional go to our daily read.org and sign up, its free.

So back to the haul, I did pick up some books from Dollar Tree. Believe it or not, if you go to the book section at Dollar Tree you will most likely find something that peak your interest.I purchase the coloring books to eventually copy some of the pictures to canvas and put them on the wall. There are so many beautiful pictures in these book and with canvas you can use paint or makers to make nice picture to hang in any room of your home. The other book is a lettering book. I want to learn lettering for my planner, but also to use for signing cards. I’m trying to get into sending cards again,and I feel that can be a nice touch.The next book have different ideas about items you can make for your home. The next items I sharing from Dollar Tree are just some items that I will use for crafts as well as needed household items. I also purchased the note pads, the pencil case as well as the writing set to use as planner items.The top item are my little LED figurines. I saw them and thought they will look nice on a shelf . Haven’t decided what I will do with them, but you know with decor items if you don’t purchase them when you see them you might not get the chance later.I dont know how I will use them, but they will be here when I do.Now for my last minute add one from Walmart. I purchase the above markers for the lettering book I shared earlier and in the picture. The fabric I wanted to use to cover the seating I showed earlier,but I’m going with another color. The heavy duty fasteners are just for my craft supplies.The very last thing I have to share is these scissors.I purchase them from Amazon. I need another pair of fabrics scissors and Amazon had the set which included a pair of craft scissors too. One thing I always need is craft scissors.

Well I hope you enjoyed my haul.I will try to do them more often so the blog isn’t so long winded next time.

I will leave you now like always,

Keep Crafting.

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